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Life Coach Cain
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Tisha Cain

Tisha Cain
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I’m Tisha Marie Cain and I am a Healer, a Mystic, and a Warrior of light. My quest for advanced learning has taken me through law school and down to South America for high connections and consciousness. I hope to be a vehicle of healing in this world. My mission is to support women and men to experience true sanctuary and discover & dance with the magic all around us. My mission is to anchor in the light and stand for the sacred. I am coming out of the “cosmic closet” to share mind-blowing information with the community and the world around me. My next step is to be a published author and share how I survived the Family Courts and went on to save tons of children with my knowledge and more importantly my love.

After putting all my resources into institutions that were falling. I woke up. I knew I wasn’t a tree trimmer, I knew I had to lay the ax to the roots. I have an amazing life now. I am a wife and mother of four. I wear many hats. I love helping my community and I believe in putting people over profit. I am a student of law and I am an expert in family law. I have healed myself of the pain of 3 of my children being legally kidnapped. I was an advocate for ME. Now I strive to be an advocate for you. I put in my trauma response recovery team and I set the intention to heal. I did exactly that.