Michelle S Krause
Business Details
Vital Fitness Holistic Center
565 Benfield Road
Lower Penthouse
Severna Park, MD 21146
United States of America
Fitness Massage & Body Work Relaxation & Stress Relief
Since 2006, Michelle has been offering CranioSacral therapy, medical massage to get to the core of your health & injury causes. Scott leads the functional fitness facility with group and individual sessions but both are trained in bodywork and fitness. 
Michelle has a background in martial arts, as a student & an instructor. As a medically retired firefighter, (due a career-ending injury according to neurosurgeons) being very hard on her body & had experienced numerous head injuries & spinal traumas. Fire fighting was her life & she was devastated & frightened for a doctor to say she'd be a quadriplegic within 3 years. Fear of becoming dependent on others, she sought a 2nd opinion, she was noticing improvement everyday, through holistic means. This was the beginning of her career as a craniosacral/bodyworker. Her passion is to facilitate others to gain knowledge of their body to advocate for themselves confidently.
Her husband is also dedicated to injury prevention & restorative therapy, for over 15 years, through functional fitness, they joined to open a holistic center together near their home in Severna Park.
For bodywork, office hours are Wednesdays-Fridays. Appointments can be scheduled through www.schedulicity.com/scheduling/VH2PHG
Scott Goldberg
Scott Goldberg

Michelle Krause
Michelle Krause
Owner/Therapeutic Medical Bodywork/Msg