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Healing Art Constellations Learning Group: Family of Origin
Jan 25, 2020
Jun 20, 2020
Art & Culture Health & Wellness Education Personal Development Workshop & Education
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    Healing Art Constellations Learning Group
        Series of Six Meetups
OR Drop in for
Group One: Family of Origin: Mother, Father, Parents @ Eagles Nest, Jamul
This series of six Healing Art Constellations Circles is designed to form a Learning Group. There is a higher quality of healing work, which we develop together over six months. The benefits of working in a group are wonderful: trust and confidence, elevated learning, and true friendships to name a few. A group dynamic evolves and evokes heightened revelations about our individual lives within our family and cultural systems. The group memory stimulates a juicy level of participation, understanding, and healing.
Healing Art Constellations is a healing modality of the most engaging and elevating nature. Healthy change arises and it is unaccountably valuable. The insights gained inspire psychological and spiritual growth in the participants’ and their families’ lives.          These liberating and often cathartic experiences flourish across time.
A practical benefit in establishing a group is setting up a carpool for travel to different natural locations. Similarly the Healing Art Constellations Learning Group, HACGroup, participants are guaranteed a personal constellation included in the price.
Check it out: https://www.healingartconstellations.com/join-us/series-of-six-healing-art-constellations-2020
What do you experience?
Soul level connection
Clarity and understanding of cyclical relationship
Shedding and shifts in perspective
Relief and release of historic emotion
Insight into systemic issues
Compassion for self and others
What do you learn?
Orders of love such as, everyone in the family belongs
Representation in the morphogenetic field
Pattern recognition
Spatial relationships
Healing statements
Family secrets
Phenomenological events
Each group focuses on a different theme. All groups include:
Warm-up - art and /or natural phenomenon inspiration
Meditation - attune to greater system and group theme
Dyads and triads - participate in mini constellations
Individual constellations for the HACGroup participants, who choose by theme
Random short Healing Art Constellations for drop-in attendees
Group One: Family of Origin: Mother, Father, Parents @ Eagles Nest, Jamul
Group Two: Ancestry: Parents, Grandparents and before @
Imperial Beach, or location to be announced
Group Three: Culture: Siblings, Society and Work Place @ Dana Point or location to be announced
Group Four: Epigenetics: History, Religion and Race @ Balboa Park exact location to be announced
Group Five: Internal Health @ location to be announced.
Group Six: Chakras and Higher/ Spiritual Goals @ Eagles Nest, Jamul
Series of six = $175 with a guaranteed personal constellation
Drop in = $30
Personal constellation booked in advance $125
Short personal constellation booked in advance $65
Expresso Constellation $35
Online personal and business constellations online includes questionnaire and follow-up $150
A personal constellation takes from 45 - 60 minutes and focuses on the client’s personal or business issue. Participants in attendance represent aspects of the individual’s system, which are pertinent to the healing process. A Short Constellation takes 20 - 30 minutes. An Expresso Constellation is a 5 minute quick-look.
Dates: Saturdays @ 10 am - 1:30 pm on January 25, February 29, March 28, April 25, May 23, June 20, 2020
Please pay in advance on my website Healing Art Constellations, Kate Campbell MFA www.healingartconstellations.com/joinus
Email me at katherinebell77@gmail.com with questions and  comments.
Sliding scale is available. Please arrange financial requests prior to HACGroup, Drop in groups.
Eagles Nest, 2275 Mother Grundy Truck Trail,
2275 Mother Grundy Truck Trail
Jamul,  91935
United States Minor Outlying Islands
TO: 2275 Mother Grundy Truck Trail, Jamul CA 91935. Continuing to 805, 94 East, (stay left - follow signs carefully where 125 meets 94) Right on Campo Road (Hgwy 94) Through Jamul, past casino! (5 miles) Left on Honey Springs Road, (5 miles) Right on Deerhorn Valley Road, (2.7 miles to house) Right on Mother Grundy Truck Trail (immediately after five tight bends in the road) Second left at second set of mailboxes Stay up. DO NOT turn right down Upper Rattlesnake Canyon. First house on Left down gravel driveway.
Date/Time Information
Six groups: January 25, February 29, March 28, April 25, May 23, June 20, 2020
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Drop in $30 or $175 for 6 groups with a full constellation included