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Detox & Health Building - Level 1 - Online Course
May 25, 2020
8:30 am
Oct 25, 2020
5:30 pm
Health & Wellness Education
Event Description
Online Course:
The human body has many systems in place to help the body detox and stay internally clean. However, over time, a build-up of toxins can slow these systems and they become sluggish and ineffective.
Learn how to safely detox and restore the body to effective functioning.
Effective functioning = health.

Topics Covered Include:
How we are exposed to toxins/sources of toxins. What systems the body already has in place to get rid of toxins. Preliminary detox methods including dry brushing, oil pulling, alkaline drinks, breathing exercises, and much more!

Class Format: Online presentations, videos, quizzes, personally practicing detox methods
Purchase price: $400.
Additional costs: Book purchases (approx. $30), Detox materials (approx. $75)
Link to purchase: https://globalacademy.litmos.com/online-courses
(Click on the Link, scroll down to "Detox & Health Building - Level 1)", follow the prompts to purchase and access the class)

Detox & Health Building - Level 1 prepares the student for Levels 2 (Full body detox) and 3 (Prevention, Health Building, and Energy Medicine)
This is an online or telecall event
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Date/Time Information
This online course is ALWAYS available and can be taken at the student's own pace.
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Lucy A Mills
Click on the above Link, scroll down to "Detox & Health Building - Level 1", and then follow the prompts to purchase and access the class