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New You for a New Decade
Jan 14, 2020
Jan 23, 2020
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New You for the New Decade!
● Was 2019 filled with challenge and adversity for you?
● Did you know that when challenging adversity continues to show up in your life, it’s usually
a sign that there is a change that you are resisting?
● Have you been feeling like there must be more to life than what you are living? 
● Are you feeling like it’s all too much? 
If the events in your life seem to be pushing you into a new direction, it’s probably because they are. Many of us are being asked by the energies ushering us into the new decade to make changes that will allow us to step into our authentic power, but we are resisting. There is this transformational interview series - New You for a New Decade: How Everyday Women Use Adversity to Create a Magical Life - because there are many people out there being pushed into change. This energy shift can be incredibly uncomfortable. No one likes change, especially when it is being forced upon you. Today’s society is clouded by fear and anxiety, and this can make it hard to listen to your inner voice. In order to find peace in our tomorrow, we need to make a change today. The intention of this series is to inspire you with real-life stories from everyday women who took responsibility for their situations and made lasting changes, creating their magical lives, not just overcoming life’s many adversities, but also taking it as an opportunity to improve their own circumstances. The women that are chosen for this series are no different from you and me. We invite you to witness their pain, pleasure, and joy as they share their stories of adversity and how they used it to create a magical life. 

In this series you will :

● Learn the signs that it’s time to change 
● Be introduced to new ideas
● Be offered a new perspective on your situation
● Be inspired and instilled with the courage to take action 
● Have access to 20+ FREE gifts to help you make 2020 a magical year!
● Plus, FREE tools to help you to learn and grow. 
New You for a New Decade starts on January 13, 2020.
Join us as our special guest!
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