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May 21, 2020
04:15 pm
Jun 30, 2020
Community Health & Wellness Education Personal Development
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🎁 I am excited to GIFT YOU this FREE Heart Healing Meditation! 🎁
🥰 This meditation is so easy to fit into your busy day as it's only 8 minutes!
🥰 All you need is a quiet space, a heart chakra crystal IF you choose, & permission to let go!
🥰 I have presented this meditation to multiple groups as well as my clients with great results in releasing and relaxing!
🦋 Are you ready to give yourself permission to heal? 🦋
This is an online or telecall event
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🎁 Accept this gift from me to you! 🎁 🤗This is a quick & simple way to fit you needed self-care into your day! 🤗
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Victoria Roybal