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Gentle Restorative Yoga and Nidra
Jan 15, 2020
Jun 24, 2020
Health & Wellness Education Personal Development Physical Fitness & Movement
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Restorative yoga poses relieve the effects of chronic stress and target different organs and areas of the body to create specific physiological responses that are beneficial to health, and help reduce the effects of stress related disease. Props and support are used to create active relaxation. Yoga nidra, meaning “yogic sleep”, is a state between waking and sleeping that is achieved by guided instruction or meditation that brings the client into a level of consciousness that stress free, healing and powerful.  The combination of restorative yoga and yoga nidra provide profound health benefits and stress relief. Sound healing with crystal singing bowls are incorporated, depending on the client.
Seventh Chakra Yoga Studio
19171 Magnolia St
Huntington Beach, CA 92646
United States of America
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Every Wednesday
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Dena Ford, RN
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