Jun 19, 2019
6:00 - 8:30 PM
Ivy's Bridge
462 El Camino Real Tustin CA 92780
United States of America
Chapter Information
Shauna Kossoff
Chapter President Bio

Meet Shauna Kossoff, the President of the Irvine Holistic Chamber of Commerce. She grew up in Redlands, CA and is now living in Laguna Hills. At this time, this President is a new mom to baby David who is rapidly showing her and her husband, Matt, who is really the boss of the house. With Shauna’s laid-back style and quick smile, she is enjoying each milestone. We get to see David once a month as dad picks him up right before our meeting begins and takes him home for his evening.

Shauna is a Guide member of The Modern Mystery School. She works diligently to create new members and to lead them on their journey inside the organization. You can find her regularly on Facebook and also on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  ShaunaKossoff.Com.  International Website for The Modern Mystery School: ModernMysterySchoolINT.Com.

Shauna is a graduate of the University of Redlands where she received her BA in Psychology with a Minor in Women’s Studies and Washington and Lee University School of Law.  She has been practicing law in California since 2007.  Her background includes multiple years as a Staff Attorney with San Bernardino Legal Aid Society.  Currently she makes Appearances for Attorneys on all areas of law throughout Southern California, serves a contract Family Law Attorney with affordable First Choice Legal and as a Hearing Officer for Orange County on Animal Hearings. 

Upcoming Meeting
Loving the Me in Me
Jun 19, 2019 | 6:00 - 8:30 PM

Presenter: Frances Pullin

Price: Members $10, Guests $15 (Cash and checks accepted)


Location: Ivy's Bridge
462 El Camino Real
Tustin CA 92780
United States of America
With the launch of her new book, she will be reading excerpts from it. You will hear about how "Loving the Me in Me; Grounding in the Love Vibration", was brought forth on paper. Please join in and ask questions.

FRANCES PULLIN -Channel of Mozart. Intuitive, Medium

During a talk at a holistic fair, Frances was informed by Amadeus that he was her brother in the lifetime of Amadeus Mozart. She was Nannrl Mozart his older sister. Completely stunned, she tried to deny the information, but he persisted, and she brought it to the audience.

Months followed and Frances made the decision to partake in a past-life regression with a hypnotherapist. There in the black recliner, she saw herself in a parlor playing the violin and her younger brother, Amadeus sitting at the piano. Tears rolled down her cheeks at this verification.

In 2016, she traveled to Salzburg to visit the house she and Amadeus grew up in and finally, visited her grave site when she was known as Nannrl. As she stood there, she distinctively heard the words, “You have the energy, there is nothing here for you”.  She realized she had come full circle and Nannrl had been confirmed for the last time.

Why is Amadeus with her? He has explained that he has come to this lifetime to repay the Karma from that old lifetime together. He talks through her to help her bring her life’s purpose to all. She is to teach love of self. 

This self-love needed to be learned by her. She had to process what it means to love herself first so she could teach it to others. After three long years of work, Frances has accomplished this and will reveal that journey in her new book, ‘Loving the Me in Me; Grounding in the Love Vibration’ which is now a reality. This book follows her first missive, ‘It is I, Amadeus; Channeled Messages from Spirit’.

Along the journey, she honed her intuitive, mediumship and hypnotherapy skills and continues to study with other teachers while teaching meditation, automatic writing, channeling and other studies.

Save The Date: Wednesday, July 17, 2019, 6:00-8:30