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Mindful Self Health/doTERRA
West Hartford, CT 06107
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(860) 471-6164
Linda Pountney
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Mindfulness is something we are born with, attention in the present moment. We can capture this state with simple awareness, paying attention on purpose, especially effective when tied to the five senses. My mindfulness techniques include using the sense of smell, a pure essential oil aroma, as a Limbic Anchor. I have experienced results that last to diminish the stress response, decreasing the harmful effects of stress, both physically and emotionally. Promoting health and wellbeing using doTERRA certified therapeutic grade essential oils is my passion after bringing myself back to health. Providing natural solutions, rather than synthetic solutions which our bodies cannot properly metabolize, helps us obtain and maintain optimal physical, mental and spiritual health. Go natural for long term success and joy! - Linda Pountney / Art Peterson – West Hartford – Connecticut
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