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Empowered to Greatness
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Aurora, CO 80019
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Powerful coaching for individuals who are ready to step into their power and confidently take ownership of their life.
By combining subconscious belief change processes, confidence coaching, and transformational methods, I look forward to supporting you in taking ownership of your power and creating the life you desire, on your own terms, rooted in self-worth.
With over 10 years of experience supporting and coaching individuals from all over the world, Tashina understands just how vital it is to look at the whole-person when it comes to the goals and desires each person has. It is crucial to nurture and transform the foundation upon which those goals and desires are rooted in so that they may be reached with ease, confidence, and joy.  She is an internationally recognised top instructor, entrepreneur since 2008, has toured over thirteen countries as a coach and professional dancer while being married, having a three year old son and new infant. Through her tours and coaching practice she has coached over 8,000 individuals throughout the world on self-worth, confidence, and taking ownership of their life.
1:1 Coaching is available to any individual, regardless of your location.  Most sessions are held via Zoom unless you live or travel to the Denver, CO area. 
Tashina  King
Tashina King