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Palmer AK 99654
United States of America
About Us
Welcome to AK-Anchorage-Palmer! The Holistic Chamber of Commerce Palmer-Anchorage, AK Chapter represents holistic professionals, practitioners and businesses in Matsu Valley and surrounding Anchorage area. We encourage and promote healthy living, and support the professionals and businesses that make it possible.
Price: Free for Members and First Time Guests.
Chapter News
"We officially just opened our doors and would like to welcome you.
We are happy to introduce you to the first members  of our chapter and their roles"
                                                                            Iveria Lorenz, HCC President
                                                                            CBDebonair LLC
"I have always tried to remember that sometimes it’s the ability to give in to your curiosity that allows for the beauty of the unknown to shine light on and bring fruition to new horizons. "

Anthony Dellapietro  Holistic Chamber Of Commerce, Vice President
NuLyfe Labs, LLC