Apr 13, 2020
5:30 PM to 8:00 PM
Signature Events & Catering at THE LANDINGS
4870 South Tamiami Trail Sarasota FL 34231
United States of America
About Us
Monday, February 10th, 2020
5:30 pm networking and light snacks
6:00 - 7:30 pm  Meeting
in The Landings Shopping Center (2.22 mi from town)
Signature Events and Catering
4870 So. Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, Florida 34231
Healthy People Healthy Planet
Looking good and feeling good is essential to our well-being. Connecting to our heart and working with what helps us on our 
path of healing is core to our Healthy Life.
Our Holistic Community focuses on the many aspects and pathways to arrive there:   meditation, breath work, sound,  color, exercise, vibrational connection, etc.... After all, it takes a village.
February's focus: 

Healthy Planet - Healthy Hearts - 
Preparation for the LOVE month. 
Please join us.
Featuring two of our wellness practitioner members, presenting pathways that support the heart and full body health.
Mark Jackson of Omega Wellness - focuses on the five pillars of wellness and he will explain Wellness and Health Validation by Measurement.  Measurement of antioxidant levels in the system provides a bio marker for oxidative stress levels as well as indicators for causes of mortality.  Tracking these levels helps: to increase the body's ability to heal;  to fight the signs of aging; and to guide the healing process. Excellent information for individuals as well as businesses.
Sheri Suiter, P.A. - Rejuvenate 528 - Personalized Rejuvenation program for the heart -  focusing on non-surgical, aesthetic restoration of hair, face and body. When we look good, we feel the love!! She'll explain BeautiPHIcation - Balancing Proportions and Creating Harmony. Vibrational Medicine has been shown to help with Pain, Energy, Emotional Balancing, Peace of Mind and more. Sheri will introduce new technologies and protocols that stimulate bio-activity and direct communication to help repair and reconstruct tissue.
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 We will also cover initiatives developing at the local and national level, that provide opportunities for our community to stand for our HEALTHY community in the face of 
chemicals, 5G, and other societal and environmental traumas.  
We look forward to seeing you.  Sign up today!!
Holistic Extravaganza!  Our first annual meeting -- where our members exhibited their skills and information to our greater community..  We also included 3 main speakers to address Environment, covering both the Toxic Chemicals sprayed on public parks, schools, etc. and the Radiation issue potentially threatening a health crisis we have never seen.   Yes, it was a combination of Celebration and recognition, that as a community -- we must be responsible for the environment we live in as a community for a Healthy Planet for Healthy People. 
   We had over 200 guests visit us to see what we are up to and who was doing what.  It was fun, energetic and great steel drum music.   Lots of networking for all.  
    Lots to look forward to in the upcoming 2020.
... Wow!  May was the last time we posted here!!  It must be because we have been so busy!!  We had a beautiful meeting in June -- and then decided to take off for July and August from our regular meetings...    We did have a wonderful member breakfast on July 31st, as a special gift to our members... An amazing breakfast from our local Pantry - who made healthy gluten-free delicious treats... 
September was our kick-off for the new season and preparation for our big 1st Annual Aniversary -- as we had our first official chapter meeting just one year ago.  We also had a fabulous Membership Business Building Day - that gave our members some great tips, and offerings to support them in their businesses.  
 We are celebrating with our an Extravaganza Celebration Expo -- where a large majority of our members will have full tables, and we have three expert speakers on Climate Change... or should I say.... Environmental Sustainability, and NASA's involvement.  We are expecting 200 guests to join us in our celebration.  It is really exciting.  So that is being held on October 21st.   Then we will have a wind down for the holidays, trying out some new venues, and will do another launch in January
We have a new Executive Director and Manager that are helping to support the Chamber.  Mary Anne Bowie, Director, and Lucy Luck, Manager.   We also have Michelle D'Ambrosio supporting -- so helpful - in arranging events and negotiating space.  And we have Kimberly Knox cohosting our radio show -- where we have had over 30 podcasts done!   It has been an awesome year.  And we are deeply grateful.
     We've had a sneek peek at out presenters for this coming Monday -- amazing!!  so much good information.   For many people, our pets are very important to us... more money is spent on their care than, sometimes, our own care.  Our pets and plants are a part of our own wellbeing.. part of how we nourish ourselves, part of our happiness and love!  So, inside of "Holistic"  -- how do we do that, when so many vets are using more and more perscriptive drug applications.   Our presenters this coming week will be shedding light with such powerful methods, that will help us - and them - in creating a better life for all. 

Coming for the May Meeting:

Nature's Embrace through Honoring our Animals & Plants


As we move from the Spring into the Summer -- We welcome Earth Day, and the beautiful reminders we have of how Mother Earth has cared for us, and our opportunity to Care for Her and her children. In April, we've talked about honoring our selves through cleansing our bodies, our spaces and our thoughts. Bonni London shared her expertise on Detox, our bodies and the toxins we are exposed to. Lois helped us with points on clearing our space, and Theresa on clearing our inner landscape. Now, as we move into May we celebrate our Relations:

Our Theme for May

Embrace Nature and Honor the Animals and Plants

May starts off with the traditional springtime festival of MAY DAY. With its roots in the Pagan Festival of Beltaine, it is the time of blossoming flowers. This month is about nurture and growth as we focus on our brothers and sisters of the animal and plant kingdom and embrace nature and support its wellbeing. 

We look forward to having expert panel speakers on the animals, including what they really communicate, and why and what we can learn from them, and our expert Vet on Holistic treatment that will amaze you. We will have two experts on Plant Medicine and the language of plants as healers, teachers and spiritual guides. So we are delighted to offer this dynamic stage for interaction and connection with eachother and our brothers and sisters - the animals and plants. 



Spring Cleaning -- Cleanse and Purify the Body and Soul

The month of April is all about cleaning, newness, new growth, new beginnings. Cleansing the Body and Soul brings us into a time of this renewal. As the "season" begins to wind down, we prepare for our next quarter of the year.

We have been inspired by our presenters this first quarter of the year -- starting off with a bang at the Ritz Carlton, with plans for this upcoming 2019, with February new members, new photos, great presentations on Functional Medicine, a beautiful venue, where we will be holding our meetings on a regular basis.

March brought us a plethora of information on Mental Health and Awareness. We left with our heads swimming. We continue to have a large number of people showing up. It is such a great time to be networking and exploring all the wonderful things our community has to share. Some great connections are made, new friends, new opportunities.... AND more...

The Holistic Chamber of Commerce is a sponsoring member of the Planet Healing Films that will be viewed in various venues from May until October. They will be consistently shown on the First Thursday of the month at the

Center for the Arts & Humanity

1226 N Tamiami Trail

Sarasota FL 34236

As we prepare for the upcoming Summertime -- it is a perfect focus to cleanse ourselves, our spaces and detox, to clear space for building our businesses. We will be having some great opportunities for our members to do just this, as we bring in promotional ops, events ops, media ops, and both business building networking and half day workshops with experts in building and marketing businesses.

All this builds up for a big event in 2020!!! ROCK ON!!!

  Our March meeting was a great success -- we had too many speakers -- and sooo much information flowing.  What great resources we have in this community.  Our subject was on Mental Health -- very good.   We have a very dynamic group, and lots of activity happening.
      We had a fabulous meeting and attendance at our February meeting,  with the four great panelists and an attendance of 80 people.  We were grateful to the beautiful restaurant the Art Ovation Hotel and Overture Restaurant, beautifully presented and served.  
  Some great questions were asked of our panel, and Sheri demonstrated some of her unique approach to rejuvenation based on the 528 frequency, and the application of stem cell research based protocols.  A special guest, Scott Rattigan gave us a few pointers to consider from the legal perspective, and Dr. Fred Harvey pointed out the importance of certification relating to functional medicine.  Todd brought his device from NESHealth and did some nice scans for many who attended.  
   We are pleased about the collaboration with Visit Sarasota, and seee some great projects and plans on the horizon for our chapter members.
We are excited to share that we just completed our first recording for the Radio Show this past Monday.   We will be able to hear these recordings through the month of March.  Each of our presenters (see below) will be aired, one each week.  These may be heard on Monday 7 AM, and/or Thursday 6 PM.  Tune into your internet station:  www.societybytesradio.com.     Each month, we will be airing our panelists from the previous month, just in case you either missed it or want to hear and share it with others.


Functional Medicine and its Role in our Changing Medical Community

We will begin with a short social and begin the meeting at 5:30 pm. Light appetizers will be served! the meeting will commence at 6:00 pm - 7:30. Our focus is on Functional Medicine and its role in the Changing Medical Community and will include a panel discussion with Dr. Fred Harvey from the Harvey Center of Integrative Medicine, Sheri Suiter form Rejuvenate 528, Todd Erb from NES Health, and Kristen Beury from the Medical Resource Association.

We are the fastest growing chapter in the United States, and we have great networking, sharing and inspiring information. We are building events for this year that YOU want to be a part of!!

As always, we invite all to attend, so please feel free to forward this invitation to anyone you feel will benefit.

A very special thanks to all who have supported our movement in 2018 - As the Vision of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce continues to gain strength and momentum, we have many exciting plans for 2019 and your role in this mission is crucial. It has been exciting to see such a positive response from our community and we look forward to growing in numbers and talent.  Remember, we are not just another meeting or another group - we are a MOVEMENT!!

  It has just come to our notice, that our little town of Sarasota is experiencing a push back with (of all things) CBD.  It seems that our police, in their efforts to try to control drugs, as elected to address CBD and have all places take it off the shelves!   This was not on the original agenda, but we will take a moment to address this for our group.

Feel free to join in!!



Our Chapter meetings are held on the third Monday of every month from 5:30 - 7:30 pm.  Please go to Eventbrite.com to register for this event.  You are responsible for your own food and drink.  Membership includes entry to the event, and non-members will pay $5.
   Thank you for checking this out
Patricia Ann Starr
President - Sarasota Chapter - Holistic Chamber of Commerce
Chapter News

We had a well-attended meeting in January with over 80 people gathered at the Ritz Carlon and I am happy to see the excitement in our community that continues with the positive momentum I predict we will have this year. I am honored by your commitment to your community and fellow colleagues and truly believe we can make a profound difference.


Functional Medicine and its Role in our Changing Medical Community

February's meeting will be held at The Art Ovation Hotel - Crescendo Ballroom. We will begin with a short social and begin the meeting at 5:30 pm. Light appetizers will be served! the meeting will commence at 6:00 pm - 7:30. Our focus is on Functional Medicine and its role in the Changing Medical Community. This will be a panel discussion, with Dr. Fred Harvey from the Harvey Center of Integrative Medicine, Sheri Suiter form Rejuvenate 528, Todd Erb from NES Health, and Kristen Beury from the Medical Resource Association.

We are the fastest growing chapter in the United States, and we have great networking, sharing and inspiring information. We are building events for this year -- that YOU want to be a part of!!

Please note -- we welcome guest, however, we do require $5 at the door to support the organization. Members of the Chapter are exempt from this cost

As always, we invite all to attend, so please feel free to forward this invitation to anyone you feel will benefit.

A very special thanks to all who have supported our movement in 2018 - As the Vision of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce continues to gain strength and momentum, we have many exciting plans for 2019 and your role in this mission is crucial. It has been exciting to see such a positive response from our community and we look forward to growing in numbers and talent.

Remember, we are not just another meeting or another group - we are a MOVEMENT!!

   We have had such a positive response from just about everyone, in starting this group.    It's not (oh no!) another meeting or another group... IT IS A MOVEMENT!!  A Movement whose time has come!   A movement to gather all those interested in healthier people and a healthier planet.
   We have so many talented practitioners, eco-friendly businesses, and massively intelligent resource people -- it is time to come together, as a community, as a voice.  Forever, there have been great individual health-oriented people -- but now, can you imagine -- all these great people, coming together, raising their energy, and forging a healthier person, a healthier community, a healthier planet! and it does "take a village" -- so let's do it!!
   Yes, the time has come.  All are welcome.. Lend a hand,  It takes a village. Take a moment from your busy day, and join us.  Every third Monday evening.
January 1, 2019 ---- Happy New Year!!
   Big Plans for 2019 -- starting with our kick off meeting scheduled for Monday evening, January 14th, 2019  5:30 pm at the Ritz Carlton.  
    Special guests will be joining us, including Camille Leon, founder of the international Holistic Chamber of Commerce, Francine, President of the Downtown Sarasota Alliance, Erin Hurter of Visit Sarasota, and Kristen Buery of the Medical Resource Association.
   We will be reviewing the opportunity that the Holistic Chamber of Commerce offers this community and the widespread holistic practitioners, and how they can create a strong community voice for the Holistic sector.  With the launch of the new Sarasota County - Visit Sarasota Initiative:  Spirituality and Wellness -- there is much to tune into for this coming year.  In addition, we will be launching our own Holistic Chamber of Commerce radio show -- details to be announced.
  We had alot of fun and laughter in our last event of the year - December 2018, with Jennifer Jorden, of the Glass Slipper, and Will Luera - Director of Improve at the Florida Studio Theatre.   Great Connections and business/health tips, including an amazing salad created by our very own Health Chef:  Kimberly Knox of KKKitchen -- all from local organic produce farmers and hydroponic farmers.
December 10th, 2018
 After a great meeting on the Care of Self through Food - with our wonderful panel -- Fermetalicious, Crop Juice, and Health Coach -- we received great tips on enjoying the Thanksgiving Day in a healthy way, plus how to manage as we ate out.    Thanks to all who came .. great group -- enthusiastic and inspired!!
We are excited for our gathering this Holiday Season, as we celebrate "lightening up"  (after all -- it is all about the LIGHT) with our program:  The Best Medicine -- Laughter !!    We will be featuring Jennifer Jorden, of the Glass Slipper - Costume Shop, and entertainer extraordinaire, along with Will Luera, Director of Improv at the Florida Studio Theatre - who will help to inspire that medicine in all of us, as we laugh our way to the end of the year.  
As we prepare to enter the New Year 2019 -  we are excited to be hosting The Holistic Chamber of Commerce Founder - Camille Leon in our January meeting.  We will be changing our venue up to make it an evening meeting - where our focus will be on the exchange of information, education, and sharing.  Our focus will be on initiatives that further our holistic businesses and initiatives for the year.  
We welcome our new members and are going in our partnerships through this community... Specifically, welcome to Visit Sarasota and their partners.
We leave you with this ancient blessing for the year:
May peace pervade the heavens and skies.
May peace pervade the Earth,
the water, the plants, and the forests.
May all deities and the Supreme Being be at peace.
May peace reign in everything.
May there be peace and only peace.
May that peace come to me.
Om.  Peace! Peace!  Peace!
November 16th  2018
We are growing and grateful for the members of our community to be joining, sharing and supporting this movement.  We are in the very early stages of this, and are quite excited as to what is showing up and aligning with this movement. 
In our first month, we are at 25 members, and we are just barely getting started..  Super thanks to those who have joined us, and those who are considering.  We have some great things lined up for the next two month in preparation for 2019 -- which we expect to rock this movement!
We are thrilled to have dynamic partners who have joined us and will be most instramental in growing this group and our hoistic practices -- it is all about getting the word out, communicating via media, via word of mouth, via JV partners... and they are coming!!  We will be announcing them in this coming meeting on Tuesday, November 20th.
Yes, I know -- it is Holiday time!! and much going on for all.. But HERE IS THE THING!  As a HOLISTIC community -- WE KNOW that it all STARTS with OUR VERY OWN SELF.   From this strong basis/foundation... we grow, our businesses grow, our community grows. and our one voice as a Holistic community becomes a reality.  
In support of this -- for these last two months of the year we are focused on just that-- taking care of ourselves, and targeted the theme of self-care for the months of November and December - leading up to breaking open 2019.
November ---  Busting the Urban Food Myths -- Healthy, Inspired Feeding of the physical body for optimal health.  An interactive, fun and inspiring panel discussion.
December 18th ---  Laughter -- our best medicine way to health - per Norman Cousins - Anatomy of an Illness.  We will be having some fun with all this - some great surprises are in store for this day..... you won't want to miss.
2019 -- Soon Coming!
January 2019
Mark your Calendars!!  We will be shifting this meeting to Monday Nite (location and time to be announced)-- for a very special meeting with our founder of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce flying in to join us from Los Angeles, CA.  This will be a somewhat extended meeting.   First laying the strong groundwork of the Holistic Chamber, and secondly, we will be going over, discussing our ongoing work with our JV's in the Sarasota area, in meeting our goals and targets for 2019 and on into 2020.  We will be listing the events, opportunities, and promotions for the upcoming year and beyond.  
  One of our goals is to be able to help define your goals inside of what is possible with the goals that are being set for both the Holistic Chamber of Commerce Sarasota Chapter, and theNew Initiative in Sarasota for the Spiritual and Wellness Community.
November 6th 2018
Election Day!   We do choose for our world in every moment.
And Yes, we are preparing our meeting theme/format for the balance of this year.   As we enter the Holidays -- we know that the successful entrepreneur takes care of their health and well being first, for if we do not do that -- who does.   Our format is a panel format, so we can encourage the interaction of all participants -- this is a holistic way.
November theme:    Busting the Urban Food Myths - and following healthy pathways for our wellbeing
December theme:   Laughter is the key to health -- let us edu-tain you.   Come and laugh your way to health and happiness
Friday, October 19, 2018
Our first Chapter meeting went very well -- We were happy to greet and meet 50 people who came to our chapter -- we already have 12 members that have submitted for membership in this organization -- prior to the meeting happening.  
   We started out with a great quote from Ervin Laszlo -- on the vitally important transition we are in on this planet... and the great opportunity we have to do it in the community, and then we were blessed with a beautiful original song with Elaine Silver "Let's build a better world".    We had a great panel of speakers with Bonni London, Dr. Al Peters, and Jackie Simmons.  Jim Toole connected us to our inner being, helping to strengthen us within our resolve.  We also heard from Mary Anne Bowie on the work going on in the "Green Comunity" and the various activities going on right here in our town.
We are very excited to lay out our future meetings, which promise to be dynamic, informative, and stimulating.
  We are building this movement -- so jump on and join!!
Our next meeting falls in November -- the Harvest time -- a time of celebration -- and we intend to do it right!!  With healthy delicious food and amazing botanical drinks.   Wow!  What a time!! 
Saturday, September 24, 2018
We had 40 people at our Pre-Launch, and many are signing up to support this organization. here in Sarasota.  (you may not see all the members yet, as they all must go through the vetting process.  
Our Vision:   Healthier People on a Healthier Planet
Our Purpose:  To connect, collaborate, communicate and Educate.  To raise up the awareness of "Wholeness",
Our Cause:   To create awareness, education, and access for consumers to quality reference reviewed natural health and wellness professionals, practitioners, eco-friendly businesses and like-minded business support members.  
Our Mission:  Help people find holistic, natural and eco-friendly products, services and solutions, and support and build the holistic business community.
  We plan to have exciting meetings and events -- and guess what?  It takes YOU working with US to make this happen.