Are you looking to grow your business? 
Maybe you’re wanting to expand your reach to clients and customers outside of your local region, or you are tired of having to explain what you do to people who just don’t “get it.”
If that’s the case, joining the Holistic Chamber of Commerce can help.
There are numerous benefits to becoming an HCC member, but most find the greatest value in networking opportunities, attending business growth events and workshops, and connecting with like-minded individuals who already value and want what you have to offer. 
BUT, our membership might NOT be the right fit for you. 
We know that this might surprise you, after all, shouldn’t we be wanting everyone to join our chamber of commerce?
The truth is, we’re just not 100% right for every business owner. 
Below we’ve broken down the main reasons you might NOT experience success by joining the HCC.
We’ve also explained what you can do instead that will help you get better results for where you are right now, and then you can join us down the road.
#1 - You don’t have an established business or at least a business framework where you can effectively sell your services or products. 
This seems obvious because we are a chamber of commerce but being in the holistic / spiritual / wellness niche, it is very common for not-quite-started-yet entrepreneurs to find a comfortable home here with us. The problem is that like any chamber of commerce, we charge membership fees, and often there are fees associated with local chapter events.  This is the cost of doing business.  So, if you aren’t generating revenue yet, don’t have an established service or product, and don’t have the financial means to pay dues, then this is probably not the best place for you to start. Most cities have small business support services out of their library or other public establishment that can better support those who are just getting started.
#2 - You can’t take on more clients or customers.
The reason why the HCC works so well in terms of networking, is that you are surrounded by like-minded individuals who already see the benefit of working with you. You don’t need to convince someone why holistic practices work, or why they should value holistic, green, wellness, and sustainable products and services.  They already get it; you don’t have to try and convince or educate on the basics. When you are already drawing from a sea of people who want, need, and understand what you have, then it is much easier to acquire more clients and customers. However, if you have a jammed-packed practice already, and are overwhelmed with the number of customers you do have, then it sounds like you might be more in need of someone who can help you leverage your time or support you in making your business structure more sustainable.
#3 - You don’t have the time to attend or be present for events.
There are several different HCC events to choose from. Local chapters offer in-person networking as well as business growth opportunities.  We also offer Zoom-based networking, special guest speakers, and educational panel discussions. Part of what makes the HCC unique is our value on creating authentic connections and relationships. When you are present, especially showing up on-camera and not trying to multi-task during Zoom networking events, you are putting yourself in a position to really connect and know others. People are more likely to do business with you when they know, like, and trust you. However, if you (or your employees) are too busy to get to know your fellow HCC members, then you are missing out on getting new clients and customers.
#4 - You don’t believe you can make good money in the healing / spiritual industry.
Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon within the healing and more spiritual communities to be inundated with messages of lack. It is often presented that as wellness practitioners, we should always have reduced fees or give away services for free for the “betterment of the world”.  This is really a bunch of hogwash.  You need money to do good in the world. Do you think Oprah could have opened her leadership school for girls in Africa if she gave away everything for little or no cost? Of course not! You can make a bigger impact when you DON’T operate from a lack perspective. If you do find yourself struggling with charging what you are worth, then it might behoove you to invest in a money mindset coach first.
#5 - You believe that other wellness practitioners / business support services are in competition with you.
There are networking organizations that only allow one person from one industry to attend and represent that industry.  However, that is NOT the HCC.  We value collaboration instead of competition.  The reality is, no two individuals are alike.  Someone who is a psychotherapist may specialize in family counseling or prefers addiction issues instead.  A website designer may specialize in those who provide a health-related service or may cater to organic cafés and restaurants.  The point is, there is room for everyone!  And when there is fear around competition, we close the door to some amazing referral opportunities.  The psychotherapist who wants to do family therapy, yet gets an inquiry about providing addiction services, will gladly refer that person to a colleague that specializes in addictions. Even individuals who are independent marketers for essential oils or beauty products have their own flair.  Some may combine personal coaching with their sales, others may teach mini classes on how to best use their purchased products.
What’s next?
Although this post might seem a bit blunt, it comes from a place of wanting to help you decide whether or not an HCC membership is right for you.  We certainly want to help you avoid wasting your time and money. 
However, if you DO think that the HCC is a great fit for you, we would love to have you join us!  CLICK HERE to start the membership application process