Whether it’s a health goal or a work goal, most tasks can be completed in as little as 5-15 minutes. Now, I get that you may want to push back on that… 
So, let’s just consider your “to do” list, whether it’s a list on a pad or a pile of sticky notes or just a list in your head, what is there to do and how can you get it done quickly and easily?
     1.   What is actually on your list? Is it exercise? Updating your website? Making a social media post? Drinking more water?
If needed, take larger projects and create smaller segments for more manageable ‘bite-sized’ tasks.
  1. Stop complaining and rationalizing. These time wasters are unnecessary delays.
When we just do what needs to be done, it is often done much more quickly. 
  1. Focus and get it done!
By doing the thing itself (not multi-tasking), we often find that it takes less time than we thought it would.
Isn’t that a relief? It’s done!
You are now freed up to do something you’ll really enjoy! 
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