Did you know that there are 8 billion people living on earth today?
There are 8 billion ways to live, with multiple options, choices and decisions being made every day. This is good news in several ways and the first is that you are the only you!
It also means that there are plenty of people who could use your product/service. The key is to find them and help them understand why they want it, making it easy for them to purchase.
Look at your marketing message first. What words and images are you using? Are people connecting to learn more?
If you want to connect with more people, look at what your marketing says and how it communicates the value and benefits of your offer. It could be as simple as writing something new, a post for social media or a blog/article for your website.Sometimes, re-writing some of your materials, swapping out graphics and images can help. When you make marketing updates, be sure to update your website as well.
You can consider using different colors or swapping out photos for graphics (or vice versa).
If you are networking in person, look at your printed materials as well as what you are wearing. Most people are visual and it is the visual that attracts us first. Once that interest is established, it's easy to share more about all that is available.
Camille Leon is Founder of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce,
an author and an artist. She can also bake a pie (including the crust) from scratch.