How do you deliver your message? 
What words and attitude do you use to tell people about your products and/or services?
There are so many ways to go! Consider Oprah, Chopra, Gary Vee, Alicia Keys and all of the other voices in the world. Every one of them as a different approach to talking about their mission, vision and whatever else is going on.
Here are some questions that can help you choose the best style and strategy for you:
  1. Are you polite?
  2. Are you gentle?
  3. Do you use curse words?
  4. Are you angry or calm?
  5. Are you passionate and, if so, how do you communicate your passion?
  6. Is your style always the same or do you mix it up from time to time?
 There are a variety of ways to create your success and best life. Let’s find the one that works best for you!
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