#IVEGOTANOILFORTHAT is quite literally my favorite hashtag. Why? Because in all the years I have been using Essential Oils, I keep finding new uses for high quality therapeutic oils. From supporting our Immune System, to helping process Emotions, to allowing a restful night’s sleep, and everything in between.
Let me start at the beginning. When I was introduced to essential oils, I thought they were just pretty smells. I was wrong! I didn’t know the powerful effects of oils until at the age of 55, when I lost my mother. At that sad time, a friend introduced me to Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils as tools for Emotional Release. Through topical application and diffusion, one of the most powerful uses of essential oils is for the brain (thoughts + emotions). 
By 10 weeks old, while we are still in the womb, our sense of smell is developed. As we age, smell is one of the senses that most quickly transports us back to early memories. Essential oils can easily tap into this powerful sense.
Diffusing allows the oil molecules to be inhaled, getting to the center of brain in seconds. Oils diffused in the air enter the nasal cavity and go through the blood-brain barrier. Oil molecules are smaller than viruses and have access to the limbic part of your brain. This is the emotional control center, where grief and past trauma are stored, and I was in deep grief, full “retreat from the world” mode.
The idea that emotions can be stored in the body was not a new concept for me. As an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Facilitator, I had experience in helping myself and others tap into shifting emotions through physical touch. The key to using essential oils in a diffuser for this healing method is that it is as easy as breathing!! 
This was the beginning of my oily journey. I began researching the how’s and why’s of the benefits of pure essential oils. Pure essential oils and oil-infused products, including supplements that support our wellbeing, can be utilized in so many ways . (So needed in these crazy times!)
This ancient remedy has been used for centuries. From the Egyptian pyramids, to Biblical times, records show that people have been using Essential Oils as beauty aids, for Ceremonies and Rituals, and to support physical and emotional well-being. 
An oil in the diffuser can comfort a cranky baby or lift you up when you’ve had a stressful day. Oils can also be used as alternatives to toxic cleaning products and chemicals in your home. There are oils to support your respiratory system, help to balance your hormones and soothe tired muscles….
Essential Oils, plant-based medicine, the life blood of plants…no matter what you call them, the truth is they support the body, mind, and spirit. And guess what?  You don’t need to be an expert to use them! And there are no negative side effects!
Let us show you how.
Written by Denise Flood. Denise has over 30 years of experience in Self-Care Energy work. She is the creator of the program, Change Your Frequency, Change Your Life, that incorporates techniques like EFT (tapping), Meditation, Prayer-Work, and Essential Oils with cutting-edge technology like Bemer and Zyto Scans to bring clients greater vitality and joy of living. As a Spiritual Meditation Recording Artist, she appears on several compilation meditation CD's and has a solo CD called The Keys Vol. II - Meditations & Messages for Life's Most Challenging Times available on Amazon. 
Her passion is to inspire others to create their own personal Heart-Centered self-care practice.
Connect with Denise Flood at deniseflood.com to learn more.
Curated and edited by Camille Leon, Founder of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce. Author of ‘Fresh Starts / Transformation in Action’ and ‘False Starts / the misadventures of transformation’ – Available on Amazon. Artist.