What if you could determine what was most important to the person you just met or how your new client makes decisions, just by looking at their face?  Cool, huh?  Chinese Face Reading has been used for centuries in China and worldwide to help everyone from the Emperor to government officials, from military generals to matchmakers, to understand and communicate more effectively with others.
It is an ancient art and science that some Chinese scholars say dates back 3,000 to 5,000 years.  According to Henning Hai Lee Yang, a Mian Xiang (Face Reading) expert, the first Face Reading school is said to have been established around 481 B.C.E.  There are many accountings of how Face Reading originated, the most popular version was that the Emperor wanted to know which general to send into battle to ensure that he retained power.   The ancient monks and scholars started making observations and inventories of faces, documenting that similarity in facial features correlated with similarity in personality traits and character.  I venture to guess that you’ve noticed that people who look alike often act alike. 
They also noticed that particular skin colorations on specific areas of the face, identified health issues.  Ancient doctors and practitioners started using Face Reading to diagnose excesses and deficiencies in patients.  This was extremely helpful since male doctors were not allowed to touch their female patients.  In those early times, doctors used a statue for women to point to where they were experiencing problems.
Today, Face Reading is still used in Chinese Medicine worldwide and is catching on in Western Medicine as well.  Holistic practitioners can use Face Reading to treat clients holistically because it enables an understanding of personality, energetics, and health.  By becoming aware what each individual shape and size of features means as well as lines,  colors and other facial details. However, unless one is a licensed medical professional, Face Reading cannot be used to diagnose, only point to possible health issues. 
Face Reading is also used in business by hiring managers to select the right person for the job duties, facilitate conflict resolution between employees and management, and better understand co-workers.  Sales professionals use it to establish rapport with customers/clients and understand how clients make decisions.  Face Reading is an incredible tool to identify ones’ own strengths, talents, and abilities.  Yes, they can be identified on your face!  The Chinese believe that to be on one’s “Golden Path” (to fulfill one’s life purpose), a person's unique strengths, talents, and abilities must be used, mainly in one's life work.  When they are, the Chinese call this "wu wei," which means doing without doing.  When we are doing what we love, work does not seem like work.  
What if you could know the meaning of your unique "blueprint" for a more fulfilling life or could better understand your spouse, children, mother-in-law, or boss with only a glance?  Would you feel empowered? What if you could communicate with your client/customers in their "language" to create more "stickiness" and repeat business?  Would that make a difference in your life and theirs?
Every face tells a story.  What’s yours?   
By Sherron Hughes, Master Chinese Face Reader (MCFR)
I’ve always been interested in the healing arts and have several certifications, including Nutrition, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Reiki and Reflexology, as well as a Bachelors’ Degree in Business Management.  I discovered Face Reading 25 years ago through an attorney who used it for jury selection.  Shortly thereafter, I recognized its value as I observed buyer behavior during my over two decades in corporate sales.  In my experience, it is one of the best tools for understanding ourselves and others and is a truly valuable and unique way to enhance our relationships, whether personal or business.  I will look forward to giving you a personal consultation or seeing you in one of my CFR classes.  ~ Sherron Hughes, MCFR