What filters are you looking through? What perspectives are influencing you? Are you making decisions based on a past that no longer applies?
Whether you are looking at health- or business-related decisions, your perspective can make a world of difference.
The most common filters are those of past, present and future.
PAST: It can be easy to make default decisions based on your past. Either you keep repeating yourself or you take the opposite approach, always changing strategies because it didn’t work before and you don’t want a repeat. In general, if you want new results, it is best to do something new. Still, there are times when you are in such a different position now that it is worth trying again. The previous time you may have been ahead of schedule. This time you are really ready.
PRESENT: Perhaps you are looking only at your present situation and limiting yourself unnecessarily. 
FUTURE: It is tempting to make decisions based on your big visions and goals. There are times when forward-thinking gets you where you want to go, and other times when it will simply dig you a hole.
RECOMMENDED: Consider your present circumstances with an eye to your future. Gather your courage and take a calculated risk that will get you where you want to be, without damaging the foundation you already have in place.
Another common filter is based on your perception of time available. Have you ever thought or said, “I don’t have enough time! I’m just too busy!”?
Consider that spending time now can save lots of time later and get you to rewarding results much more quickly.
In your health journey, a short 10-minute daily stretching or workout routine builds a habit that yields long-lasting results over time. This can be much better than a longer workout only once a week.
For business owners, reading something for 10 minutes now can often save you 10 hours down the road. Even better, investing 1 hour now can often bring you 10x the results 10x faster. 
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Camille Leon is the Founder and CEO of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce (HCC) and the Author of Fresh Starts / Transformation in Action
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