Well, that’s all well and good for you, Camille… But I’m not into that kind of stuff. Really? You’re not? You actually are looking forward to the inevitable if you stay stuck in your current health habits? Do I need to tell you what the obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer statistics are?
There are many ways to “get on board” with the whole health movement, and get your friends and family involved as well. It's easier and more fun when people come along with you!
You know it's good for you... What are you waiting for? Try these ideas on and see what fits best.
Making small changes can have a big impact, especially over time. Just like money accrues interest, good health and wellness habits create long-lasting benefits which can save you money and heartache. Not to mention improve your quality of life and extend it.
Familiarize yourself with the possibilities by:
  1. Attend a Meet Up – it’s a casual way for like-minded people to get together, share experiences and learn more…. Maybe even get a sample of whatever you’re trying, from Raw Food to Reflexology.
  2. Go see a movie! There are many films, and even free screenings, about new health choices.  Most of them are documentaries of people who have overcome their illnesses (i.e. diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.) by trying the alternatives. Who knows? You might even get time for Q&A with someone who can help you understand the possibilities more clearly.
  3. Take a class at the local community college or adult education program– these are often taught by experts who can answer your questions in a safe environment.
  4. Bring the expert in as a guest speaker to a professional organization in which you’re involved or for a lunch-n-learn at your company. If you’re curious, there’s a chance that your colleagues are as well. After all, health (and healthcare) are on everyone’s agenda these days.
Once you’re ready to get started, it’s like getting into the water… either one toe at a time or just run and jump on in!
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