Holistic Chamber of Commerce launches the Holistic Education Foundation
to advance awareness and education among consumers
The Holistic Chamber of Commerce (HCC), an established professional organization serving holistically-minded professionals, practitioners, business owners and service providers, is pleased to announce the launch of the Holistic Education Foundation (HEF). With a mission of increasing awareness and education among consumers, the HEF will focus on articles and social media posts about holistic, natural and sustainable “green” health, wellness and personal development options.
The Holistic Education Foundation is fully aligned with the Holistic Chamber of Commerce in their commitment to increase understanding of holistic approaches along with access to quality providers for products, services and solutions in this ever-expanding niche.
Nowadays, consumers are seeking products and services that help them reach their health and wealth goals, including wellness and personal development techniques. Both the HCC and the HEF support these therapeutic options by promoting healthy living habits and recommending natural and integrative approaches, where reasonable, to standard status quo suggestions.
With the wide variety of health care therapies and techniques under the umbrella of holistic and integrative medicine, there is plenty to do. Future articles will cover techniques including acupuncture, chiropractic, hypnotherapy, oriental medicine, massage, naturopathic and homeopathic medicine as well as more esoteric modalities.
Through this partnership, the three main goals of these sister organizations are to increase:
  • Awareness:  to highlight integrative and functional health care options;
  • Education: to share relevant articles for those who are curious and researching different possibilities; and
  • Access: Due to the sensitive nature of health, wellness and personal development, the Holistic Education Foundation only makes referrals to reference-checked members of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce.
Long-time HCC Member and HEF Board Treasurer, Karen Sachs, points out that “Collaborations are always stronger than going it alone and I am thrilled to support the up-leveling of our holistic industry with this new Foundation.”
Camille Leon, Founder of the HCC, comments, “This partnership creates a winning solution for consumers everywhere who are looking for better quality health care solutions.” 
Sara Munshin, Board Secretary for the new Foundation, notes that “we are health-focused, preferring overall health instead of disease management.” The Foundation will allow us to get our shared message out to the world to encourage a proactive approach in managing one’s health.”
In addition to helping consumers maintain optimal health, thus decreasing the amount of economic resources needed for emergency health costs, this innovative partnership assists people in taking control of their future with more preventative health care and wellness specialties. states.
The Holistic Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax-deductible.
More information can be found at hcchub.org.
For more information about the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, please visit holisticchamberofcommerce.com
Press Contact:  Camille Leon
Phone:  310-968-5055