It's easy to forget. I want to forget. I remember because there are still so many people living with heartbreak and it's not the romantic kind.

Some things can't be fixed with just another pill.

Children are growing up in homes where domestic abuse, child abuse, bullying and even isolation are part of the daily dynamic. Their hearts and wills are broken before they are even teenagers. They grow up to become adults with anger and other unresolved emotional issues.

If they grow up at all.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics site, "suicide is the third leading cause of death for 15- to 24-year-olds." Even our richest neighborhoods are at risk with this concern as noted in The Atlantic Magazine article by Hanna Rosin (Silicon Valley Suicides). Click here for the full article.

This is the heartbreak that seeks healing. It's impossible to know what is going on inside someone else's home, inside their mind and heart. Where are the safe places to talk about our deepest, darkest dilemmas?

Often, what we notice first is the physical symptoms and pain. From backs spasming with stress, to eating disorders, headaches, cutting and chronic illness of all types, it 's easiest to see those signs of illness.

Once spotted, you can consider if there is a need for healing on an emotional or spiritual level. Whether the back is hunched over with unseen burdens from childhood trauma or emotional eating has resulted in weight issues and diabetes, there are clearly times when a holistic and natural solution is needed for healing that lasts a lifetime.

It may be a messy process. The issues impacting your overall health (or someone else's), at any age, often overlap with each other.

Still, start today and you can be sure to find a better way.

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Camille Leon is the Founder of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce. Our cause and community is connecting more people with natural and holistic health and wellness therapies. She is available as a speaker and consultant.  Contact Camille: 310-490-6862 or by email