Our PartnershipThe Holistic Chamber of Commerce has been looking for a holistic-friendly solution for alleviating the costs of healthcare for many years. While, as yet, there’s no perfect solution, we’ve found an attractively-priced product that has the potential to significantly reduce total healthcare costs for those who use holistic services and elect to become members of one of these programs.

Paul Cholak, a long-standing member of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, is a healthcare advisor to MPB.Health and a licensed agent. Working through Paul, we’re able to offer MPHealth’s programs that combine medical cost sharing to mitigate and control the cost of large medical expenses with virtual care (an enhanced version of telehealth); prescription cost management; a QR life code and personal medical records vault; and personalized concierge services.

Different programs are available for individuals who are employees and want to purchase individual programs; and to employers who want to establish group plans, individual proprietors, and 1099 contractors.

Alternative Medical Treatments And Medical Tourism

MPB.Health has partnered with Zion Health to provide the medical cost sharing portion of these programs. Zion’s medical cost sharing guidelines state that “Alternative treatments can be shared with the Zion Health community. These alternatives generally should be considered safe and effective while being an alternative to a traditional treatment plan. Needs may be considered shareable pending prior written approval by Zion Health. The member is required to demonstrate the proposed value of the alternative treatment.”

Treatment plans can be submitted by any provider who is licensed to practice medicine in the state. Accordingly, if they are licensed in the state, naturopaths, acupuncturists, Doctors of Oriental Medicine, homeopaths, and chiropractors can submit treatment plans. Allopathic integrative medicine physicians can also submit treatment plans proposing the use of alternative medicine approaches.

By including this language on alternative medical treatments in their guidelines, Zion Health is uniquely positioned against all other medical cost sharing organizations (as well as almost all individual and family health insurance plans) to approve payment for alternative treatments under their sharing guidelines. Members are permitted to choose between Zion Health-approved alternative treatments and allopathic treatments.

Zion Health will approve expenses for either—but not both--forms of treatment for the same condition.

In some cases, e.g. an approved treatment plan for use of a DRX machine, an individual may choose to utilize that treatment. If a person chooses DRX treatment under the approved treatment plan but back surgery is ultimately required, the shareable cost of the DRX treatment would be deducted from the approved shareable cost for the back surgery.

Thermographs can be approved as an alternative to mammograms under the Individual program. Thermographs and mammograms are limited to a total shareable amount of $600.

Zion is also amenable to the use of medical tourism either in the United States or internationally. Zion must approve the treatment plan and must be convinced of the safety of the proposed procedure and of the provider. Any medical tourism requests are handled on a case-by-case basis by Zion.

What MPB.Health Offers

What MPB.Health OffersMPB.Health offers a choice of programs: individual plans to those who are employees; and worksite plans to employers who want to establish group plans, individual proprietors, and 1099 contractors.

Note: While the federal penalty for not having a plan that meets Affordable Care Act requirements was eliminated January 1, 2019, five jurisdictions—California, District of Columbia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Rhode Island—have state penalties for not having plans that meet ACA requirements. The worksite plan combined with a plan of minimum essential coverage (referred to as a “MEC”) meets all state requirements; we’ll discuss other options with those who live in one of the five listed states who qualify only for the individual plan and desire to avoid the tax penalty.

Like the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, MPB.Health is committed to helping members live longer, healthier, happier lives through a holistic, balanced approach to their health. MPB.Health believes health is encompassed in all aspects of life: physical, emotional, social, and financial. Through affordable alternatives that don’t compromise quality, MPB.Health provides the tools, services, and solutions to make this happen and empower members to become informed consumers.

The partnership offers a choice of programs that utilize the services of Zion Health, a reimagined medical cost sharing organization.

Medical cost sharing organizations publish medical sharing guidelines that explain how cost sharing works and defines shareable medical expenses. Guidelines can be changed periodically in accordance with the rules set by the medical cost sharing organization. Read the Zion Health Sharing Guidelines (see below) for more details.

Virtual Care

  • Chat with a doctor, pediatrician, specialist or women's healthcare provider; On demand "chat first" access with no time limits attached to an ongoing relationship with a doctor you trust at no additional cost through a HIPAA compliant platform.
  • Flexible communications; Chat first or escalate to phone or video depending on severity.
  • Referrals to in-person care; If an in-person visit is required, our Virtual Care Provider (VCP) will make recommendations for care.
  • Scheduler for primary care appointments; and
    Connect regarding new or upcoming primary care appointments or scheduling conflicts.
  • Pharmacy consults
    Available for pharmacy or medication questions.

Prescription Cost Management

A better way to manage prescriptions

A clear view of the actual prices on your prescriptions. You get to know the true cost of your prescriptions and where to get them. You shouldn’t overpay for a prescription just because you didn’t know it was cheaper at a pharmacy two miles away.
  • Enter your prescription information into our search engine and we’ll give you a list of your local pharmacies and the cost of your prescription at each location.
  • Look through your list of options and decide which is the best pharmacy for you.
  • Keep a full history of your prescriptions, so you can see what medication you have taken, and when.
  • Access all manufacturers savings’ programs, patient assistance programs and other savings and discounts offered by pharmaceutical manufacturers or state pharmaceutical assistance programs (SPAP’s).

QR Life Code And Personal Medical Records Vault

24/7 emergency assistance with your personal life code allowing medical professionals instant access

  • The Medical Record Vault provides members with secure emergency personal medical profiles and five-digit Life Code ID’s. Members can access and safely share their medical records, track health conditions and get better healthcare solutions.

Unique LifeCode

  • Unique LifeCode, QR Code, ID card, and customized products.

Medical recordsPersonalized Concierge Services

  • Secure and accessible emergency profile and personal health records.

Health tracking

  • Family members and caregivers easily and privately record vital health observations.

Personalized Concierge Services

Our programs include personalized concierge services to help members navigate the healthcare system: our objective is to make healthcare more transparent, help members find the lowest cost and highest quality providers; and significantly reduce the cost of healthcare. Our programs can significantly reduce the costs of traditional insurance anywhere between 30% and 90%.


What Is Medical Cost Sharing?

Medical Cost Sharing

Medical cost sharing is a viable, affordable, non-insurance solution for addressing the high costs of healthcare. A community of like-minded, health conscious individuals voluntarily participate in sharing each other’s medical bills to reduce the cost of healthcare for everyone.

Breaking the Healthcare Status Quo

According to the Peter G. Peterson Foundation the United States spent about $3.6 trillion on healthcare in 2018, which averages to about $11,000 per person. Relative to the size of the economy, healthcare costs have increased over the past few decades, from 5 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) in 1960 to 18 percent in 2018. The Affordable Care Act has not accomplished its original mission to lower costs, increase access to care, reduce the number of uninsured to acceptable levels or make healthcare easier to understand.

Consumers have lost their health insurance plans and many have lost their primary care doctors. Needless to say, premiums have skyrocketed. While the law did permit those with pre-existing conditions to obtain health insurance coverage, otherwise the only group that has benefited from the passing of the law has been the insurance companies. We want to change that and make healthcare all about healthcare. It’s time to break the status quo where access to quality care is not easy to find, is too expensive and takes you away from your job or family to get the care you need, or where treatment for alternative care is either entirely excluded or only minimally reimbursed. We are about to change all of that.


Zion Health

Zion Health uses one set of Guidelines for both their individual and worksite programs
but differences between the two programs are outlined in the Guidelines.

Call Paul Cholak at 877-734-3884 or send an email to pcholak@holistichealthcosts.com for answers to your questions,
explanation of the available programs, and for help in enrolling.

The Holistic Chamber of Commerce will refer all inquiries concerning this program directly to Paul Cholak
and will not answer questions or make presentations about the program.