Do you ever feel overwhelmed by “information overload?” OMG, I do! From home to the office are the traffic lights and the digital billboards cluttering the view; I’ll get home later to see if the DVR did its job. That’ll be good, since my GPS sent me on a wild goose chase today when “she” was recalibrating. My cell phone call (hands-free, of course) was interrupted by a few too many texts and tweets.
These days, our senses are inundated by the beeps and bleeps coming from modern gadgets (and all I want is some more bling!). The loud sounds of traffic and construction; the stinky smells of pollution; the ever-present sight of big buildings and billboards everywhere we look; the cheap taste of the less-than-healthy, but easy-to-access fast foods; and the unnatural feel of synthetics and chemicals are all bombarding us seemingly all the time.
It’s no wonder that we’re uptight and stressed! Wouldn’t it be refreshing to make time for influences that can calm us so that we can relax and enjoy life? Would  the world become a better place if we all became healthier and happier? You bet!
Maybe there would even be fewer tragedies in our society if each of us took more time for helping ourselves and, in so doing, spread more peace and less stress…
There are times when I just have to find a way out. Of course, that sounds easier than it is… Who has time to go away, even just for the weekend? I mean, who would eat fast food if they had the time (or money) to eat fresh-cooked organic foods?
There seem to be constant reminders of how chaotic this world has become, influencing my thoughts in subtle ways that create unintended ripple effects. Luckily, I can find my R&R in by spending time with healers like Acupuncturists, Reflexologists, Massage Therapists, Reiki Masters and other Holistic Chamber of Commerce Members. Even though my doctor doesn’t make home visits, I now know many healers who actually want to help!
When I first heard about holistic healing techniques, like Reflexology and Acupuncture, and how specific points on my body  can impact my overall health, I thought it was stretching reality. Still, I decided to give it a try.
Now I realize that these amazing experiences which incorporate specific attention designed for what your body needs (as opposed to what works for other patients) have benefits that go well beyond conventional medicine. Some specialties (acupuncture, reflexology, acupressure) even focus where our nerves are networked to a “map” of the entire body and where touch techniques can help remove stress and increase energy. Having tried it, I can only think of it as an art form though I’ve seen the scientific charts showing me how it all works.
Depending on your needs, you will go to their office/studio which could remind you of a spa retreat or a medical office, based on their specialty. Some healers will meet you at your home and/or office, setting up their tables and equipment while playing relaxing music and lighting candles to help you unwind. When ready, you can shut down the system. Really… Shut it all down! Sometimes, in order to totally re-focus, I need to unplug everything – the computer, the phone, and everything else that whirs and whistles. Don't you?
Holistic and natural wellness solutions start from a place of prevention, the ultimate in preventative health care. If you were going to a conventional doctor's office, you would turn everything off, wouldn't you? Given the statistics showing how stress impacts our physical health these days, it makes sense to treat your appointment the same.
Getting busier and busier, we've forgotten how nourishing it can be to unravel the tangles of “too much to do.” Under the hands of a skilled and thoughtful professional, it's easy to experience an hour of full-sensory solitude that melted a web of daily pressures. I can even lose track of time on what feels like an island of tranquility. The very next day, it is often easier to see my options for overcoming the challenges in front of me. Instead of snapping back at an important colleague and friend, I am able to breathe deeply and respond with a win-win idea.
While I’m not a scientist, my interest in holistic and integrative health and wellness makes me curious about the medicine and research behind techniques like reflexology, yoga, sound therapy, and even more esoteric alternatives.
That’s one reason for the existence of our national Holistic Chamber of Commerce – to make it easier for you to find holistic and eco-friendly health solutions wherever you are. It’s easy to search from our home page at!
Relaxed, refreshed and recharged after my reflexology session, I realized that, while science is important, I won’t know if it works for me until I try it for myself. I know I’ve taken prescriptions that didn’t have their intended results (and worse, had unintended side effects). Now, I’m looking for healthier ways of living so I can save time and money in the first place.
While ancient Eastern medicine has centuries of evidence and experience backing it up, it is even better to see for yourself why complementary methods work for so many people. Here in L.A., getting out of our regular routines, even for an hour of peace and quiet, can act as a re-set button for an over-stimulated society.
These days, I see that by taking better care of myself, I can take better care of those I care about. That is my ongoing gift to all my friends and family. It is a gift that can last for the rest of our lives.
By using all of your senses – smell, sight, sound, taste and touch – and opening up to unique experiences, you too can improve your life and the lives of those around you!
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