Posted by Camille Leon

Isn’t that what most of us want?

To find enough time to do it all – enjoy family and friends, make money (i.e. pay bills) and relax? People like Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Oz seem to get extra hours in a day and still have time to play, vacation, whatever. How do they do it?

One thing is for sure, there is a balance between health, time and money, the juggling act (so to speak). This is partially a function of three things

  1. taking care of yourself so you stay healthy;
  2. setting up systems that help you cut costs and increase income; and
  3. delegating the work (to staff, interns or children…).

Here is an easy-to-use laundry list of ideas to help get more done in less time!

1. Decide and do. In other words, avoid the “to-do” list altogether.

> This is where mind-body medicine really makes a difference. Do you have the physical energy to do what needs to be done? Are you clear-minded for better decision-making and follow-through? Find high quality wellness care professionals by clicking here. Programs like Health Excellence Select help cover the costs of staying healthy and are exempt from tax penalties in the U.S.

2. Schedule a timeline for larger long-term projects so you can keep them on track. Many important projects require the one-step-at-a-time approach. Give yourself deadlines along the way to keep your momentum moving forward.

3. Use email and other marketing systems for connecting easily with larger numbers of current and/or future clients and customers.

4. Set up simple systems for yourself to use while you are building your budget for upgrades. Here are my favorites:

a. Create a copy-and-paste email for frequently asked questions. Then you can personalize your responses without out re-typing the same thing over and over. Save it somewhere easy to access. KEY: remember that you have it and use it. Create new ones as needed.

b. Use affordable appointment booking solutions (we like HealthPRO and FH Match) that help handle the marketing, appointment-setting and payments, as well as other aspects of administration.

c. Use social media services to connect with a larger number of people all at once. Set a timer so that you protect your schedule from too many distractions.

d. Use services that let you plan and prepare ahead of time for implementation when the time is right. Programs that make it easy to connect with one person, small groups or large groups all at once are best. That’s why we like Constant Contact and SendOutCards.

e. Clear your spam-filter regularly and unsubscribe from newsletter lists that you don’t use.

5. Cut costs so you can increase overall income. Holistic Chamber of Commerce members save up to 40% at Office Depot and have access to other discounts programs as well.

6. Now that you have a bigger budget, look at who you can hire to help with your growth and expansion. The first person I hired to support the Holistic Chamber of Commerce was a webmaster. Now that we are bigger, we have even more staff on our core team. I know others, like Shayla Mihaly, who started with someone to clean the house. What and who can help you take care of your priorities?

7. Find ways to enjoy your newfound freedom!

Camille Leon is the Founder and Director of The Holistic Chamber of Commerce, a growing community of professionals, practitioners and business people who support each other in blending spiritual values with building  businesses and helping consumers find holistic and eco-friendly solutions. She is also a speaker and author. For more information or to become a Member, please visit or call 310-490-6862 (PST).