As the Founder and Executive Director of The Holistic Chamber of Commerce, this is one of the most frequently asked questions that I hear…

 “Can I afford natural and holistic health care?” Sadly, some people aren’t even asking this question… They’re assuming they can’t.

The truth is that these types of preventative health and wellness solutions will often SAVE you money!

And we’re not even approaching the quality of life questions that often come up in this conversation. Wouldn't you like to have the energy to enjoy more of your life?

Integrated and complementary medicine recognizes the inter-connectedness of the elements of life so that you can stay healthy in the first place. Paying attention to all of the factors that play a role in our physical health is much more affordable than taking tests designed to determine when you are already in the early stages of serious disease such as diabetes or cancer.

On top of that, holistic health techniques help to speed up the body’s ability to recover quickly, without negative side effects, by treating the whole person rather than just the symptoms.

After all, when your emotional or financial health is out-of-balance, it’s a challenge to keep your body healthy. Given the high cost of emergency room visits today, preventive health care is definitely affordable.

Here are the most affordable ways to get started today on your journey to better health:

  1. DRINK more water (and less soda). Water is the key ingredient in many health care programs. Staying hydrated has been shown to keep headaches at bay and help with weight loss. For some, drinking filtered alkaline water has even led to surprising results such as reduced allergic reactions.
  2. WALK regularly. Walking is simply the easiest way to begin an exercise program, assuming you are in a safe neighborhood and already own a comfortable pair of shoes. And it’s free! Once you are in the exercise groove, you can add power to your routine by working with a personal fitness trainer or joining a gym.
  3. EAT healthfully. Each individual body is different so you may have different nutrition concerns than your friends and even family members. What will best support your weight and fitness goals? I drink cherry juice to avoid problems with gout and I know one man who reduces the effects of psoriasis by avoiding orange juice (which means he doesn’t have to buy prescription medications or deal with side effects). Find a nutrition counselor who can help you in finding what will work for you. In the long run, it is likely to save you money and give you more energy for doing the activities you love!
  4. SLEEP. A good night’s sleep has been shown to relieve stress and even assist in your efforts to lose weight! While there aren’t many ways to help if you have a newborn at home, for some people, finding a solution to insomnia is as simple as getting a hypnotherapy CD.
  5. REDUCE STRESS. MEDITATE. Yes, sitting still has been shown to have powerful results for the rest of our waking hours. By relaxing more and stressing less, we increase our effectiveness in terms of decision-making which speeds up all of our other activities. I know people who have started by reading a book like “Stress is Optional” by Adam Timm and others who get more value from a session with a massage therapist or reiki master.
  6. EXPLORE more: While alternative medicine isn’t mainstream yet, more and more consumers are finding that it is an affordable path to better health. By increasing your awareness, you can easily find an affordable healthcare solution that works for you, whether it includes recommendations from a naturopath or an herbalist. I know a father who reduces his daughter’s asthma by having her spend time in a salt therapy room. I know a mother who has reduced her son’s Asperger’s symptoms with essential oils. There are many people who work with hypnotherapists and energy healers to help them make improve the quality of their life.
  7. What if you are already sick and need to recover and heal first? How do you find the professionals and specialists who can help you?

When you accept anecdotal data, the benefits of natural healing practices are obvious. Fortunately, the statistical research, especially from The Mayo Clinic, is starting to back up testimonials of these results.

What will help you? Just as there is no single “cure-all” pill, there are a variety of holistic and natural options for you to consider, from chiropractic and colon hydrotherapy to acupuncture or more esoteric techniques including sound/vibration therapy, it is time to review and evaluate holistic health solutions more seriously.

There’s no need for the national health care crisis to become a personal one. If it has, it is time to consider holistic and natural options and solutions.

The Holistic Chamber of Commerce represents reference-checked holistic, natural and sustainable professionals. To find a solution that could work for you, visit or call 310-490-6862 (PST).