Some people assume that complementary, integrative therapies are not covered by insurance... And I'm here to tell you that some insurance companies do cover these techniques.
Holistic health approaches include psychological and/or physical wellness specialties such as spinal manipulation (i.e. chiropractic), acupuncture, massage or counseling. Some insurance companies cover these, depending on the type of policy you have.
Here's how you find out whether a specific holistic health product or service is covered by your insurance.
First, call your insurance provider. Ask these questions:
1. Is ______ covered by my policy?
2. Do I need a referral?
3. Are there any requirements?
4. Are there any limitations on how many treatments I can have?
5. Will I have to pay out-of-pocket? If so, how much?
Once you have those answers, you can take the next steps.
If you are looking for a responsible and reliable holistic health provider, you may be able to find someone by searching our HCC member directory.
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