Posted by Camille Leon

Do you every have an idea, or find a product/service that you just love, and want to share it with everyone? What do you do when they don't "get it" right away?

When I know I'm on the right track, because people have started signing up already, and I just want to help more people see the value and benefits of the offer, it's time to "massage" the details!

Whether it's reviewing the copy used to tell others about the product/service or looking at where I've put the word out already (and new places to get it posted), I spend time considering my early choices and finetuning the message so that it's clear to everyone why they would want to participate.

As an example, it's mid-May 2014 and our HCC Leadership Retreat is on schedule for June 20th-22nd. We have a strong group already registered and we are excited to create powerful conversations and collaborations. Still, this is different from the typical weekend event and we aren't using a list of big-name speakers because we want everyone to have time to talk about how to make new ideas work. We want to develop real relationships that extend back in to our businesses, communities and the world us. The agenda is taking shape by looking at the strengths and interests of those attending.

How do you massage the details to get the word out further and faster when you know it's worthwhile?