There are many elements and aspects in life ~ Let's build balance in all of them!
I see the HCC as reflection of the ONENESS we want to see in the world. Coming together for the purpose of stewarding Humanity forward in a positive way as a collaborative collective of wellness and positive energy thinkers that work in unison without competition or fear. That is the embodiment of purpose here on Earth. HCC is poised to be a true Leader of wayshowers who intend for Mind, Body, Spirit, Business, Budget Planet in all our corners. Let it be so! Aho.
Lainie Sevante Wulkan, HCC Global Online Sales Director
For me, it represents the unity of all these ingredients to achieve success. The Holistic Chamber of Commerce encompasses all these aspects for our members, one does not work without the other. We have so many opportunities to thrive if we work collaboratively as a community. Proud to a member of the HCC.
Charn Pennewaert, Media Stream Marketing
To me this means you need to take care of yourself first before being able to take care of others and our planet. HCC supports and nourishes the member first so the member can go out into the world to do good.
Toni Quattrone Wengel, Holistic Health Coach
My take on our HCC tagline is I get to model the importance of Mind-Body-Spirit connection as a heart-centered business owner who is passionate about making sure that all of my businesses are thriving. Doing business smarter within my Budget while always honoring our Planet and all of its inhabitants.
Business owners committed to the health, wellbeing & responsibility of ourselves, our businesses & our communities.
Kelly Dues, BridgeIT Movement
For me, it stands for business owners and consumers embracing vital health and wellbeing; creating thriving Commerce in our communities while living in harmony with nature/the planet
Mind body spirit business budget planet. An overall holistic approach to help individuals and businesses anywhere on the planet, without breaking the bank.
Lisa Melville, Legalshield
Opportunities to work together and collaborate with like minded professionals, for the mental good of ourselves and others.
Linda McBee, Happy DNA Candy
To me this means that it isn't just about making money and being a successful business person, but also that our entire self (mind, body, spirit) is included as well as the good of the planet.
For me it is all about uplifting and supporting that connection with others that also are based in a practice of good stewardship over all aspects of their lives, causing a ripple effect of good vibrations
Denise Flood, Tapping World Healing
It means union to me- reminds me when I first began my yoga journey and learning about “yoke” or union of mind body spirit.... we are all unique yet all one
Christine Strong, Namaste Essential & Strong
I just joined HCC and to me it means a Family that helps each other learn, grow and love yourself for who you are and not what others want you to be.
Everything is connected so creating a balance with holistic approach, flowing with the earth is happiness!
This means overall wellness in each area of our life as individuals as well as for the collective ♡
Based on our Facebook Global Online Chapter Group thread from 12/15/2020