In this crazy wild world, there are days when it is a trick to stay inspired. Whether it's my health goals, my business/budget goals, or something else that is on my mind (worldwide conditions, anyone?), there are just times when I want a reminder that there is a   way to have it all be good for everyone. 
Then, I found a reference to mustard seeds in both biblical and Buddhist teachings!
In the Bible, the parable of the mustard seed is shared in three of the four gospels: Matthew (13:31-32), Mark (4:30-32) and Luke (13:18-19). In these, it is a story of growth, speaking to how even the smallest of seeds can grow into one of the largest plants, especially when compared to the tiny size of the seed you start with.
In Buddhist teachings, Kisa Gotami lost her only child, and kept asking if anyone could help her. Her desperation led many to think that she had lost her mind. When she came to the Buddha, she was told that he could bring the child back to life if she could find white mustard seeds from a family where no one had died. She searched from house to house, but to her further sadness, she could not find a house that had not suffered the death of a family member. She eventually realized that there is no house free from death. She went back to the Buddha with understanding, and was comforted by this experience of oneness. This story is found in the Dhammapada and I discovered it in "The Book of Joy" by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.
While these spiritual stories seem to have different meanings, we still can see that the same element (the mustard seed) can have a variety of aspects and meanings.
I paint "Mustard Seed Miracle" (MSM) paintings to inspire people with the many lessons that come up in a lifetime. Every day is different ~ stay inspired with ideas and insights for more joy, peace, and love!
In each painting, seeds are embedded to show how we grow miracles with each smile, compliment and kind gesture we 'plant' in the world around us.
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