I suppose I shouldn't be surprised about this diagnosis. It's one my mother received about 20 years ago when she was my age now. At the beginning of 2022, a lump was found and tested. Since then, I've had one surgery and am looking at one more.
And it has me circling back to the BIG vision of what can happen when we come together in one umbrella professional organization for the holistic marketplace.
Picture this...You’re busy, busier than you’ve ever been. Your practice is booked solid and you are looking for two things, ways to save time and still more clients/patients/customers (because when we're here to heal the world, that's what you want).
That's right, you have a steady stream of patients, clients and customers. Consumers all over now know that your specialty is highly effective.
What you need most, ways to save time so you have time for more clients... and you know you'll find that at your next HCC meeting or in the member directory!
What's in it for you? Relief! Relief in the form of time and money, the two items that impact the pressure cooker of being in the business of helping others, whether that is with a wellness focus or helping their back-end business practices.
You choose how you want to play and participate, as a member by clicking here or making a tax-deductible donation at https://square.link/u/KNCHFEfU.
Camille Leon is the Founder of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, Board
President for the Holistic Education Foundation, an artist and an author.
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