A: Multi-Group memberships are when a member is active in more than one local groups, and the member regularly attends events of both groups.
To become a member of an additional group(s), you will need to:


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need new/different references?
    No, when you applied for your initial membership, your references were taken care of. We will apply those references to this membership as well.

  2. What about my directory listing?
    One perk of joining several groups is that it gives you a directory listing for each membership. This strengthens your SEO on our website and with standard search engines. Your additional membership will have its’ own directory listing with your new group. You will have as many directory listings as you have memberships.

  3. I thought a benefit of joining the HCC was that we could attend group meetings and events wherever they are. Has that changed?
    A single membership still allows all members to attend meetings anywhere such as in the case of someone who travels for business, or just visits a different group maybe 1-2 times a year for special occasions.

  4. Why do I need a multi-groups membership even if I regularly attend 2 different groups in my area?
    Each local group, and the group leader who runs the group, is supported through commissions received for each member in the group. In order to sustain local group operations, each individual group must be appropriately supported financially. In a conventional chamber of commerce model, you would need to have 2 separate memberships for each chamber you belong to, even if the differing subdivisions are only 20 minutes apart.