Posted by Camille Leon

There is a step between “playing it safe” and playing it smart. In baseball, it’s the question of when to leave first base to get home. In the terminology of one of my favorite authors, Barbara Schiffman, C.Ht., it’s when to take your “leap of faith.”

Are you at that step? Are you considering how to expand as effectively as possible? As a professional, practitioner and/or business owner, it’s up to you to decide which monthly time and/or financial commitments make sense because they will lead to more growth and which are just a waste of energy. Are you considering your strengths and opportunities while being aware of your weaknesses and potential challenges?

One of the fun challenges of building a business, or managing a practice, is that the choices aren’t always as “cut-and-dried” as the ones at home. At home, priorities can be very clear: mortgage/rent and food first. Security, safety and health next. Trade-offs also seem to be more obvious… More space inside your home may mean that your home is not in your first choice of neighborhood. And vice versa. Some people choose to live in a location where they can still afford little luxuries. Everything else is debatable.

Business is a little different. You have a product or service that you really believe will help others… whether it’s a health and wellness product/service or a more specialized item. The goal is to get the word out to enough people that you can make a difference in their lives while supporting yourself.

As the Founder and Executive Director of The Holistic Chamber of Commerce, it’s up to me to decide which regular commitments make sense because they will bring more attention to holistic and eco-friendly products, services and solutions. Fortunately, I’m surrounded by HCC members who are also wise and intuitive advisors – mind, body, spirit AND business!

In helping others through business, the goal is to reach more people with your message so that they can learn about the value and benefits you offer, and then choose whether it’s something they want or not.

That’s the easy part. The trick is to determine how to best use your resources of time, energy and money in order to do reach your goals. Where’s the balance between the Law of Attraction and the Law of Action? If you’re going to join an organization to promote your practice/business, which one? If you’re going to advertise, where? If you’re networking in person, which meetings do you attend, and if you’re networking online, which sites do you focus on? Do you work with friends or do you find professionals like those represented by The Holistic Chamber of Commerce? Do you do both?

Many business and marketing experts remind us that “If you want to get rich, find your niche.” Why? Because that’s how you determine the smartest ways to spend your time, energy and money. That way, when you take your leap of faith and stretch to the next level of success, you can really make the most of it by playing it safe and smart!