Are you naturally creative? Always coming up with new ideas?
The danger of too many ideas is what is commonly known as 'butterfly syndrome' which can appear as if you are not dependable or committed to any one thing. Additionally, it can be challenging to implement effective actions on your primary focus if you are always chasing the next best thing...
The good news is that there are a few ways to wrangle your creative ideas, get them in alignment and fly high!
When you have a strong overall business brand, your projects can often align under the bigger banner. For example, as Founder of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, all of my projects - the Holistic Education Foundation, my art and my books - fit nicely with the theme of holistic approaches to living well. Even my newest project, the Oneness Daily newsletter, synergizes with the rest.
Look at what is on your creative plate right now... How does it work in connection to your other projects? Can it be part of the whole? If it can, then it's another support to your success and that's a powerful place to be!
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Camille Leon is the Founder of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, an artist and an author.
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