We are all different… Shapes, sizes, textures, colors, ages and stages of life. Wouldn’t it be boring otherwise?
The challenge though is that means assumptions and expectations will show up as wonky.
The good news is that this can lead to new openings for expansion.
This is relevant when you are connecting with an individual or group of clients, customers, patients or colleagues.
Some easy examples:
  1. On a holiday, some people are busier than usual and others are slower or even taking the day off.
  2. On that very same day, with those very same people, some wish they were busier and others wish it would all slow down.
Often, we don’t know what is going on behind the scenes for another person and who has time for a deep dive these days?
Be kind and gentle. Encourage people to learn more so they can understand who you are and the benefits of your products and services. This way, when they are ready, they’ll come to you first!