In this modern era, staying healthy is key to success. When we get sick, it impacts our ability to work with others and our energy for working at today's fast pace.

Smart companies are engaging in wellness conversations to support their employees and organizations like LinktoEXPERT (LtE) and the Holistic Chamber of Commerce (HCC) are collaborating to support their efforts.

LtE and the HCC connect executives and entrepreneurs who want to make the world a better place to live, work and play. These collaborations create powerful ripple effects in communities throughout North America.

To amplify their connections, the HCC has partnered with LtE. “For our Members that want be to known as ‘The Expert’, we are glad to offer an interactive publicity platform used by executives and conference planners to hire experts in minutes”, states HCC Founder Camille Leon. “Decisions can be made quickly because you can watch, listen and read Experts’ credentials all in one place and choose the best candidate for your project."

The HCC is designed to make it easier for companies and consumers to find holistic and natural health and wellness options offered by specialists all over North America. All HCC members are reference-checked for quality and professionalism.

Along with that is a network of live, local chapters providing networking and business-building opportunities to holistically-minded entrepreneurs of all types.

Prior to the HCC, Founder Camille Leon's portfolio of past clients and employers includes: The League of Women Voters of Los Angeles (LWVLA), Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD), and Friends Peace Teams (FPT).

For those seeking solutions to create a healthier and happier world, it is easier than ever. Speakers, consultants, and coaches are all available for those seeking guidance and support.

“We are thrilled to partner with the HCC during their current expansion. Their unique events, health fairs, networking meetings, and conferences are elevating the benefits of having wellness in the workplace in the US and Canada”, states Joanne Weiland, Founder of LinktoEXPERT.

About LinktoEXPERT: Since 2007 LinktoEXPERT makes it easy to be seen consistently online, on stage, on social media and be heard frequently on radio and podcast interviews which results in being known as the expert worldwide. Imagine the empowerment you feel when you focus on what you do best and let the LinktoEXPERT community do the rest. You elevate your status by allowing decision makers to regularly assess your talents; review your education, experience, and achievements making it easy to hire you in minutes. Together we save time, money and our reputations.

About the Holistic Chamber of Commerce: Since 2010, the HCC has been connecting holistic professionals, practitioners and business owners in a variety of industries to improve awareness, education, and access for companies and consumers. Reference-checked members are available through the HCC website at Together, we are creating healthier people on a healthier planet.

By Camille Leon. Available for speaking and consulting. To schedule an appointment, call 310-490-6862 or find time here.