Posted by Camille Leon

While I was in Texas visiting our national Holistic Chamber of Commerce (HCC) members in Austin and San Antonio (and points in between), I enjoyed experiencing, firsthand, the similarities and differences in the ways we interpret holistic health – mentally, physically, spiritually, environmentally.

While there, I said ‘yes!’ to an archery lesson… and learned that, just like in business, there are many elements involved in being successful in archery. Among them, equipment, wind (speed and direction), and keeping a solid stance play important roles. It’s also necessary to stretch new muscles and expand beyond my comfort zone.

My instructor, Tim, was the charming and patient husband of Natural Healer and HCC Member Gabriele Wolf (

This is true in taking our expertise seriously so that we can be successful in helping and healing others as well. In building a successful practice, elements such as back-end administration (book keeping, ugh!) and marketing help us maintain our own peace-of-mind while inviting new clients to benefit from our services.

Just as we network with others to maintain our modality skills, it can be helpful to network with others in order to learn new ways to maintain a successful practice, making administration and marketing easier. Now that I’ve met so many of our members and chapter leaders in Texas, I’m encouraged that our website ( and national/local organization really is helping bring it all together. Just like using new muscles in archery!


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