Posted by Camille Leon

Have you considered your mission? Whether you call it your mission, vision or your purpose, it can help you in several ways. When I saw the mission for SendOutCards (SOC) at their Relationship Marketing Grand Summit, it brought me back to the mission of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce (which is longer than this one) and helped me see why our alignment with SOC makes so much sense.

Many successful entrepreneurs are very clear about why they do what they do. This is the point of having a strong vision and a written vision or purpose statement. Of course, there are other reasons as well....

Are you called to a higher purpose? What vision are you bringing to life?

As you consider your mission, here are a few ways it can help you:

1. A relevant mission can keep you inspired, no matter what situations come up on any given day.

2. Your mission can also help you focus on the best use of your time, energy and $$$. Does this potential investment fit with my mission? Does it support or distract from the real purpose of what I'm doing? Is it a good use of your time, energy and money?

3. It also helps others understand why you do what you do and inspires them to get involved as a customer, client, or patient, or with support in some other way.

If you are reading this, you may be curious about the vision and mission of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce (HCC)... We've actually gone beyond the vision and mission in order to further define who we are and what we are doing. Here it is:

The Mission of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce is two­fold. We seek to:
  1. Help people find holistic, natural and eco-friendly products, services and solutions and the professionals, practitioners, businesses and resource providers that offer them. We do this through our growing visibility and presence, creating a bridge to people no matter their level of experience with holistic practices.
  2. To support and build the holistic business community through a network of local Holistic Chamber of Commerce Chapters and through business-building education, networking and collaborative opportunities, online and in person.
Healthier People on a Healthier Planet!
Our primary purpose is to connect more consumers with holistic and integrated options for health, wellbeing, lifestyle, and business.
We do this by increasing awareness, education, and access through our reference-reviewed Members, website, social media, and public presence. 
We also support our Members in building better businesses so they can help themselves while helping others.
Our Cause
To create awareness, education, and access for consumers to quality reference-reviewed natural health and wellness professionals and practitioners and connect our healing Members to like-minded business support Members.
Our Community

Members who come together with the primary purpose of helping to heal the world in mind, body, spirit, business, budget, and planet, recognizing these are interconnected.

These were all started when I was a solo-preneur working out of my home office and have expanded with the ongoing evolution of the HCC. While you may be thinking that this level of consideration is important only for large companies like Whole Foods Markets, I promise you that it helps at every level of the game.

What is your vision and mission? Be sure to share it with others and inspire the world with your Light!



Camille Leon is the Founder and Director of The Holistic Chamber of Commerce, a growing community of professionals, practitioners and business people who support each other in blending spiritual values with building businesses and helping consumers find holistic and eco-friendly solutions. She is available as a speaker, emcee and consultant. For more information or to become a Member, visit