A consumer called in the other day... As a Chamber of Commerce, this happens when people are looking for a particular type of wellness provider or someone who offers a specific product or service. With our "holistic" designation, we attract consumers looking for acupuncturists, chiropractors, hypnotherapists, nutrition and lifestyle coaches, craniosacral therapists, yoga instructors, reiki masters, meditation and mindfulness teachers, and a multitude of other specialties that are recognized as integrative, functional, complementary or alternative medicine.
In this case, she's in Virginia and was looking for a massage therapist specializing in lymphatic massage for her friend in Florida who has Breast Cancer. She wanted a referral to someone trustworthy and skilled that she could pass along.
Such a simple request that lead us through so many related topics. In the holistic marketplace, when mainstream consumers are looking for something that they've heard of but not experienced, our brand name attracts attention and we receive requests for assistance. Some people go directly to our online member directory, some explore our health and wellness articles, and others call the office. We even have consumers who look for events hosted by our members which you can find by clicking here.
For certain techniques and specialties, such as massage, acupuncture and reflexology, you need to go in person. On top of that, many people prefer to see their wellness provider in person. It can lead to more effective outcomes for better health.
When making referrals, we look through our online directory first. It's searchable by location which allows us to find reference-checked professionals near a person's home and/or work. When we have members in that area, this works best.
At the same time, there are areas of expertise that can be offered by phone or a video visit. Hypnotherapists and coaches may be available in this format.
Likewise, many wellness products, from nutrition supplements to essential oils, can be purchased online and shipped wherever you want.
If you are looking for (or just curious about) a holistic wellness service or product, we invite you to look through our articles by clicking here or search our directory by clicking here.
Members, be sure to log in and update your directory listing so you are searchable by relevant keywords. A quick 'how to' can be found at https://youtu.be/DtXuHO85qFo.
Want to be listed? Sign up for membership at https://holisticchamberofcommerce.com/page/membership.
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