Today, especially now that virtual speaking has taken on such a critical role in a leader’s ability to connect with new clients, getting access to speaking opportunities is job 1 for many of us—whether that may be on meetings, conferences, podcasts, radio shows or virtual summits.   
With in-room networking on the back burner in most places or full in-person stage appearances still limited, you really must take advantage of “borderless speaking.’
But you can’t simply just tell someone to give you their stage or on-air time. It takes a little “romance,” to make them WANT you! 
I’m not suggesting that you send expensive gifts, candies or flowers; you just need to know how to speak to them, what to say and when to say it.
  • You’ve got make them FEEL you. How deeply committed you are to their peeps!
  • You need to seduce them with the solution you have for their audience’s problem.
  • You need to make them experience your empathy and your deep understanding of who their folks (your tribe) are. 
  • You need to show how relevant you are to their community. Why should their folks feel comfortable with you. 
  • You need to impress them with how special, singular and distinctive you and what you are bringing to them is.       
  • You can give them a little foretaste of what they can anticipate by letting someone else sing your praises. 
  • You can create connection by letting them know you share common colleagues, friends and associations.
  • You can boost their confidence that you are the real deal by wooing them with all your credentials and the many places you’ve served before. 
  • You must paint a beautiful word picture of what the audience will learn, what will be the outcome once you’ve spoken. What is the paradise that awaits…?
  • You must make the case of WHY YOU? With a booker inundated with options, you must be the best and clearest choice.        
  • And once you’ve done this in an email or your presentation materials, you may need to woo them over the phone or via Zoom!
Getting a booker to LOVE you is a process! And one where you don’t want to stumble along the way.
If you think you can use a shortcut to know what to have, say and do to entice a booker to say “yes”, you can find help in the two ecourses I’ve created, The Art of Filling Your Speaking Calendar and Rocket Your Radio and Podcast Bookings. You can explore full details at
These courses should go a long way to making you the accomplished and confident presenter of your gifts, and fill your speaking dance card!  
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