If your health wasn’t important before, it’s a BIG deal now! Hospitals don’t want you. Everywhere you go, including the grocery store, is risky.
First, let’s consider the fact that hospitals are turning people away. They are overflowing AND don’t want the risk of having you get infected with something worse than what you already have. My mother went in for a heart procedure and was sent home the very next day (thankfully, she is healthy enough to recover quickly). I know of someone else who went in with a stroke and was turned away without being treated.
It is now your responsibility to stay healthy and avoid the current pandemic as well as any other health-related problems. What are you to do?
In other words, how do you stay healthy, even during these stressful times where we’ve all been handed a series of uncomfortable circumstances?
Start with the basics:
  1. Eat healthier foods. Find someone who can help you and your family with Nutrition choices.
  2. Exercise more. Even at home you can find ways to keep active. Make it fun! Dance!
  3. Drink more water.
  4. See a Naturopathic Doctor.
  5. See an Acupuncturist.
  6. See a Chiropractor.
  7. Consider Herbal Remedies.
  8. Try Essential Oils.
  9. Look for a Salt Therapy or Float Studio near you
Is your stress impacting your relationships?
Find a Hypnotherapist, Psychologist or Counselor/Coach who can work with you by phone or Zoom to sort through unexpected changes for your relationships, especially those that come up in times like these.
Is your stress caused by money and finance concerns?
Look at ways to save money that you’ve taken for granted for a long time. Get a new quote on insurance from health to long-term care. Jim Nicoll of Nicoll Insurance often reminds me that simply saving money on your insurance makes it easy to have extra money for everything else.
Professionals like fitness trainers and yoga instructors are now working via Zoom and Skype.
Many healthcare professionals are more affordable than you might expect. Have you reached out for quotes and/or taken someone’s free sample session on YouTube?
If your stress is more undefined, like an underlying sense of danger, you could even consider one of the more esoteric therapies that you’ve probably heard of, such as Reiki or EFT.
When you’re in the center of a storm, whatever the source of it, the value of staying calm and finding solutions is priceless.
With all of the options available for staying healthy, there’s no need for the world health crisis to become a personal one. Find an option that will help you and your family.
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Special thanks to Cindy Olson of Empowered Self Healing for her contributions to this article.
Camille Leon is the Founder and CEO of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce. She helps people find holistic approaches to health, life and business. She helps holistic professionals to connect with more customers, clients and patients as well as like-minded business support. Available as a Speaker for online and in-person events, Camille can be reached at 310-490-6862 (Pacific). Looking for a digital speaker for your next online event? Visit https://500speakers.com/pitch/camille-leon.html.