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Arianne Traverso
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A wildly passionate entrepreneur, Ari infuses her love for yoga and business to bring you heart and soul into your expo experience. There is nothing more exciting to her than finding passion and being free to travel and work anywhere. She's the creator of Bizzy Yogi, an online platform for creative gypsy souls like her find their voice and their business so that they can create a bigger impact in the world. As the new head of the Yoga Expo, Arianne brings over a decade of international yoga teaching to the expo. 

People know her as a mover, a quick-thinking solution based yogini. She's inspired constantly to make work feel like play through effort, passion, and fun. With her experience in the Yoga industry building programs, trainings, retreats, & more, the Yoga Expo and you are in for a treat!

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Celebrate love!

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When you are in business, celebrating love means celebrating your customers, clients and patients!
How do you show appreciation for those that purchase your products and/or services?
Do you send them a 'thank you' note, give them social media love, give them a guest gift so that they can share your products and services with someone else?
Remember that some of your clients will enjoy extra attention and others will wish to remain private. And, if you are covered by HIPAA laws, then keep your 'thank you' simple and private: Send a card or just call/text them and say "I appreciate you!"