Nov 19, 2019
6:30pm- 8pm
Snackin' Free
41539 Kalmia St. Suite 102 Murrieta CA 92562
United States of America
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Mary O'Dwyer
Chapter President Bio
Mary brings health, healing, life, and most importantly, love to all those who have decided to step through Mary's Blue Door, created in 2017. Mary took her experience with healing foods and alternative medicine one step further, after a dear friend suggested she might be spiritually disconnected. This led her to Reiki, essential oil therapy, and Transformational Breath®, which changed her life Since 2013, Mary has been combining the techniques of Transformational Breath® with healing essential oil therapy to bring immense emotional and physical healing to each of her clients. Mary is devoted to the well-being of those around her, and has made it her mission to help heal emotional trauma and help set free those who might be held back by spiritual or physical limits.
Mary is very excited to bring her love and energy to nurturing a collaborative, healthy and thriving Murrieta Holistic Chamber of Commerce.
Upcoming Meeting
Being the best you in health and wealth
Round Table Discussion
Nov 19, 2019 | 6:30pm- 8pm

Presenter: Mike Gillett and Michelle Haskin

Price: There is no charge for this meeting but please support our hosts and purchase some food and beverage items. Snackin' Free is donating their space to our chapter for this meeting. This restaurant is GF/DF/SF and serves a very dietary sensitive population. To preserve the integrity of their kitchen absolutely NO outside food or drinks are permitted- except for bottled water.



Location: Snackin' Free
41539 Kalmia St. Suite 102
Murrieta CA 92562
United States of America

Parking Info: Free

Welcome to our November Meeting!

As we enter this holiday season we want to stay focused on an optimal you. Our panel will be talking on the topic- "Being the best you for your health and wealth". Mike Gillett and Michelle Haskin will be discussing how best to cultivate care of you and your business as we move through the holiday parties, food, distractions and packed schedules.

Mike Gillett is a management coach and business consultant when he is not urban farming and saving folks 10s of millions of gallons of water. 

Mike has spent the last 9 years saving businesses hit hard by the recession. Over this time, he was able to reboot several, multi-million-dollar companies and save over 1000 jobs.

Three things came up repeatedly in this work. Communication issues, lack of confidence by owners and employees and absence of self-care; which results in a lot of sick managers and owners due to stress. In response to this he created K&M consulting for new managers, frontline managers and small business owners. K&M focuses on tried and true business practices, communication tools and easy to implement self-care practice.

At K&M they are building a bridge to help businesses improve their net returns by ensuring their employees are not only business savvy, but they are also healthy and relative stress free.

Mike's personal journey to heal his wounds and reduce stress started a few years ago. He incorporates Qigong, moving meditations, serval grounding techniques, breath work, Mary’s Blue Door's  Transformational Breath®, healing touch and Judo into his daily life. Mike works with his clients extensively on incorporating the holistic and calming activities into their lives that work best for them.   



Our hosts for this meeing are the owners of Snackin' Free. They are generously donating their location to our chapter. To show our support I strongly encourage attendees to plan on eating at the meeting. There will be pizzas and sandwiches available for order. To preserve the integrity of their GF/DF/SF and peanut free kitchen absolutely no outside food or drinks (except for water) can be permitted. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
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Save The Date: Next meeting will be Tuesday, Dec 17th at 6:30 pm at Snackin' Free.