Jul 14, 2022
6:30 PM - TBD
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Margie Hanson
Chapter President Bio
Margie is the owner of Communicating – Today’s Way, www.todaysway.net, a consulting and service firm for internet marketing. Her focus is on creating communication platforms that will build strong business relationships for her clients .. bringing them new, repeat and referral sales.

Today’s Way began as a website design business in 2000..  “The effective use of email” became a second area of focus and today, while still focused on website design and the effective use of email, Today’s Way also includes consulting, coaching and training for effective online business communications via social media and blogging.

Margie began her career in 1978 when the telecommunications industry first evolved!  She spent over 20 years in corporate America within the voice and data networking industry. She was a sales and marketing professional working with Fortune 1000 companies throughout the United States. Her experience includes sales and network design for the very first public packet switching networks as well as being part of the very first team of sales people for Cisco Systems!  She literally was working with the internet when, as she likes to say … it was a dirt road.

She has always taken a holistic view of her clients, even while in the high-tech industry.  Each business is unique and requires unique and distinct messaging to have the most successful connections with their prospects and clients.  Her attention to “uniqueness” and individual communications requirements is how she brings assistance to all the members of the Holistic Chamber. She has been a member of the chamber since its inception and a President for the last five years.

Upcoming Meeting
Maintain Optimal Internal Organ Health with Qigong
Round Table Discussion
Jul 14, 2022 | 6:30 PM - TBD

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Your Home CA 90293
United States of America
United States of America

Come join us via zoom on Thursday, July 14th  as Jacquie Nemor,  member of the HCC Manhattan Beach Chapter, presents on ...

      "Maintain Internal Organ Health with Qigong!"

Join Jacquie Nemor during this interactive session to learn Qigong Master Robert Peng’s vibrational formula using specific sounds and colors to promote internal organ health. No matter how many vitamins and supplements you take, eat healthy foods, and exercise, if your internal organs are not in optimal functionality, you will be prone to poor health and disease.

Jacquie Nemor does hands-on and remote energetic healings that release physical and emotional blockages to be your most magnificent self.

Join us on Thursday July 14th at 6:30 pm PT at the zoom address listed below to enjoy the presentation and exercises to make the movement of the planets work to your benefit!

Jacquie's contact info is:  

Website: www.tarotjacquie.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jacquienemor

Email: Tarotjacquie@gmail.com

Receive & Give guidance. 
The chamber was created to let holistic practitioners know they are not alone .. .to be a place to receive support,  gain confidence,  get feedback, and  receive guidance.  We at the Manhattan Beach Chapter have learned that together we have lots to offer each other and we invite all to come participate in our supportive environment.  
Hope you can join us.  If you can rsvp, great, but not required. 

Coming Soon! 
See you there! 

Save The Date: Thursday, May 12th! ZOOM 6:30 - 8:30