Andrea Leigh Austin
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My Conscious Wellness

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My Conscious Wellness is a community of like minds and like hearts leveraging hand-crafted technology to assist with the development of higher states of consciousness through love. The organization introduces the use of advanced consciousness-based technology (divine sciences) to help increase intuition and strengthen the human subtle energy field. All with the aim to strengthen the connection to who we truly are, love. Its founders Andrea Leigh Austin and William Little, (Ann and Bill for short) joined forces over 10 years ago to create its impact in the world. Andrea is a former CPA with a passion for bringing love back into business and is currently completing her degree in Metaphysics from the University of Sedona. Bill is a master of technology and brings his passion for love and helping humanity into his craft. Together they form a bond like no other, focused on bringing more love and the expansion of consciousness to the world.
Andrea Austin
Andrea Austin