Deonco Melvin
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Pure Maintenance
Houston, TX 77009
United States of America
Green & Eco-Resources Health & Wellness Home/Residential Products & Services
Make your home, business, vehicle or building healthy again. Our patented, EPA-approved dry fog technology eradicates mold, viruses, bacteria, pathogens and microbes and purifies the places you spend time. We also deal with all types of flooding, from burst pipes to natural disasters. We'll dry your home and prevent mold growth.
We provide:
  • air quality restoration company
  • non-demolition mold remediation
  • water damage restoration services
We specialize in treating homes of mold sensitized individuals. By using patented technology in combination with eco-friendly solutions, we bring the mold load down to non-harmful levels.
Deonco  Melvin
Deonco Melvin