Anette Kischinowsky
917-769 4681
1133 Broadway Suite 609
New York NY 10010
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Anette Kischinowsky. Core Energetics & Holistic Health
1133 Broadway
Suite 609
New York, NY  10010
United States of America
917-769 4681
Anette Kischinowsky
I am a Certified Core Energetics Practitioner, as well as a CTA Certified Life Coach. Core Energetics is a creative and interactive system for personal growth and healing. Based in psychotherapy, this approach uses cutting-edge techniques to help you integrate body, mind, emotion and spirit. Every repressed trauma and deep emotion may manifest different ways in the body and in your belief system. Core Energetics supports unblocking your innate life- force. By working on the energetic, physical and verbal levels you will gain greater awareness and understanding of your underlying beliefs and dynamics that prevent you from living life to the fullest. It will help you find new angles in life, and you will, step by step, regain more aliveness. I work with issues such as depression, anxiety, confidence, body image, relationship & intimacy issues, trauma and sexuality. For those who want to go deeper into their self-discovery, this approach can be transformational. Anette Kischinowsky - New York NY
Counseling / Life Coach Esoteric Modalities / Energy Work