Theresa Callard-Moore
(810) 620-1200
6199 Miller Rd Suite A
Swartz Creek MI 48473
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6199 Miller Rd
Suite A
Swartz Creek, MI 48473
United States of America
(810) 620-1200
Theresa Callard-Moore
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You: Are What You Think, What You Feel, What You Do. When I treat the whole person, I target all of these aspects of you. You know that your stress level causes your body fatigue and disease, which causes frequent trips to the doctor's office. But until you put your life in balance, the cycle of stress continues to produce illness, conflict, depression, anxiety, and an overall lack of fulfillment. Including NEURO EMOTIONAL TECHNIQUE, NUTRITIONAL RESPONSE TESTING (NET/NRT) and Reiki services and treatments. - Theresa Callard-Moore - Swartz Creek - Michigan