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Awakened Potential
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Stephens City, VA 22655
United States of America
Counseling / Life Coach Health & Wellness
Awakened Potential specifically uses Guided Imagery and Music or GIM to assist clients experiencing any of the following: life changes, health issues, grief and loss, stress, fatigue, or burnout, depression and anxiety, effects of trauma, the desire to explore spirituality, the need to boost creativity and relationship challenges (with self and/or others). GIM is a type of psychotherapy that is similar to a waking dream that enables one to gain insights that lead to the integration of mind, body and spirit. The client is in a relaxed state, prescriptive, recorded music is used, and a dialogue is exchanged between the therapist and client. GIM allows the client to connect to his or her psyche on a deeper level, bringing forth inner wisdom, guidance, and truths from within. Leigh Jenks - Stephens City VA
Leigh Jenks
Leigh Jenks
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