Kelli Hughart, PhD(c)
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Sweetwater Wellness Center
1639 Sugar Creek Dr
Charleston, WV 25387
United States of America
Authors & Speakers Counseling / Life Coach Hypnotherapy Relaxation & Stress Relief
I'm Kelli, an author and doctoral candidate at Saybrook's College of Integrative Medicine with 35 years of holistic healing. As an empath, I had nightmares for over 7 years and conventional medicine failed me. So I began using tools from my last 35 years in holistic healing and tools in my doctoral program to overcome narcissistic abuse. I began to wake up happy every morning and reduced my nightmares and other symptoms led me to develop an evidence-based approach that has a 97% success rate with my clients as well, I am teaching women this method to heal as well.

Through my method, clients have achieved improved self-esteem, reduced anxiety and depression, and gained the ability to set healthy boundaries. I believe that everyone has the capacity to heal and thrive, and I'm committed to providing the support and guidance needed to make that happen.

If you're ready to take the first step on your journey to healing and restoration, I'm here to help. With my expertise and knowledge, you can overcome the effects of abuse and live a fulfilling life.

Kelli Hughart
Kelli Hughart